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30550 Easter Bunny review!

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This bunny is easily recognizable, with the perky ears that can be posed, to an extent. They can't be positioned so they droop - the lowest they can go is horizontal to the floor. Cheese slopes are used to good effect for the cheeks, as well as the teeth in the front. I like the 1x1 pink tile for the nose, and the eyes are quite expressive. The entire head can swivel as shown here.

I find the choice of colour a little puzzling - previous incarnations of the bunny have been a more appropriate grey or brown. However I like the white accents for the bottom of the bunny's paws and the large splash of white on his chest, represented by a 2x3 flat tile w/ angle.

He isn't that exciting in the back, and it's unfortunately that there are grey plates showing. They're angular plates that are necessary in order to provide decoration in the front or the back.

A singular Easter egg is included to complete the build that surprisingly also uses yellow in its colouring. I would have expected to see a different colour for the egg.

Compared to previous Easter bunnies (40018 and 40053), this seems like a junior version - maybe a baby bunny? That's to be expected; the piece count for this set (67 pieces) is smaller than either of the older sets. I would have liked to have seen more accessories than a single egg.

It's not a really exciting set though, to be honest. And it's kind of hard to like this set.

For the reasons above, this set earns a 2 out of 5.

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