4040 Nick review!

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The Galidor theme is by far the worst Lego theme in the history of Lego. Released in 2002, it quickly became so unpopular that it was discontinued before the end of the year. McDonald's Happy Meal Lego was always lower grade quality than actual Lego, so this set is even worse.

This miniature version of Nick Bluetooth is worse than the larger version because the larger version had at least some playability what with the moving arms and legs and firing missile. However, this version is completely 100% rigid and unplayable; it is a single large piece. You can't even take the half-of-a-helmet off his head. I haven't much to say about this set other than that; the picture tells you everything.

That being said, this set is useless and I am glad they don't make sets like these anymore. It really does not fit in with Lego.

I rate this set a 0.1 out of 5. Would give a 0 if I could.


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