4554 Metro Station Expansion (Plus little station MOC)

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I've loved the 4554 Metro Train Station ever since I was little. It had always been "The ultimate train station" in my mind and something I wanted over any train station that was out while I was growing up. (4554 came out almost a decade before I was born if that gives some context). Anyway, I finally got it a few years ago and it's still very cool, though it does have the feature of an open back and a not deep interior for play. I recently got a full workstation for Lego building up and all my parts organized in drawers, so I thought I'd try and remedy that. However, I've modified old sets in the past, but for this one, I wanted to create a back without modifying the original set in the slightest. Here is the original 4554 set for reference.


And here it is with my extension. I tried to essentially mirror any details over from one side to the other, such as the 1x1 round plates under the tiles or the 3 cones on the top.


There were many different ways I could've gone for the back, but I decided to make it rather plain. I could do something in the center to try and get the columns and arches over the doorways to this side, but I only had one of those doors. Oh well. If it really bothers me, I can make some bricklink orders in the future, but for now, I'm happy.


The rear section on it's own


I hate leaving any of my builds without an interior, and I felt the 4554 was missing some more detail on the inside, so I added it here. Another bench on the left side mirror the original one to create a better waiting room. The white thing is a train schedule. The only issue is that it's a different print than the 4554 one. Maybe that'll be another order someday. On the right, I added some ticket machines and a small table. Upstairs is a switch control area. I don't know what they are actually called, but basically the thing to replace switch towers. I have no idea if they're typically in train stations, but I thought the space was cool to use it as such.


Here you can get an idea of how the two sections key into each other. I've found the big issue with not modifying the original set is that since there are no actual locking mechanisms in place, the building can have a split or gap in certain places where it is flush in others. However, this should go away with attaching both parts to a baseplate on an even surface.


Here are some closer photos of the interior, both with the building open and closed.








After this project was done, I decided that I wanted another station, so I built a tiny station to compliment the main station. As you can see on the platform, there is another train schedule that is different than the other 2! Oh well.




Like I mentioned before, I finished my ideal workstation and organization recently, so I have been building all the time now. As of writing this, I also have built a small bridge and have started work on an engine shed to replace my original set that I took apart as a not smart kid, but I'll save those for another post. Thanks for looking!




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Really love what you've done with the yellow station, and NPU with the collectible mini-fig plates as chimney toppers for the smaller station @Legownz!

About the two stations not matching schedules: if they were in different cities, they would have different schedules, as they could be in vastly different regions or on another route altogether. Not all trains / routes take the same amount of time to get to everywhere! (as for the two yellow station ones not matching: slow speed flag-stop kinda train vs long-distance high speed express, maybe?)



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I really like how you've stuck to the 'feel' of the original model. It looks like a natural finish to the building, so well done! 

And I agree that it's a classic design. 

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I always loved the look of this station and I like what you did with it, sure is credible (and yes, often the signal controlling areas are to be found in main stations - at least I know this for sure it's like that over here in Belgium, though with modern technology that is changing as well). The smaller station is nice feature too. I like the fact that you sticked to the classic looks as well. Nice one!

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