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[GBW] Island Rush - Plighia - 4 of 4: Matter of Time

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Finally, after many weeks of fighting, the Plighia army reached the city of St. George. After the success of Operation Ur, it became clear that Burke Atoll's invasion of Tosul's days are numbered. The last pockets of resistance are scattered and isolated. Although they continue to maintain a certain presence in the southern regions, their supply lines have been blocked by a total embargo and air raids against their ships.  Now that the military presence of Plighia has established itself in the territory, and with the continuous naval and air support to the troops, we are now proceeding with the liberation of the occupied territories, but above all, the rescue of the citizens of Plighia remained imprisoned and blocked in Burke during the conflict. Fortunately, the citizens of Plighia managed to reach St. George before Tosul, at the beginning of the conflict, managed to take control of the communication routes. This is facilitating rescue operations, and now the last citizens are being brought to safety, to the north, where the base camp at the Maybury Ruins has been set up, and from there, transported on the support vessels of the fleet.

The last citizen to be rescued is a famous geologist who was in Burke to conduct research. Unfortunately for him, his residence is located at the entrance to St. George's Castle in D4 quadrant, a splendid Victorian-style residence, now reduced to ruins by bombing. The man did not want to leave the residence so as not to risk his life. Now, however, a convoy of the Desert Fox of the Plighia army is taking advantage of the fact that the enemies are retreating, barricading themselves in the castle, to organize a mission to help the geologist.

50143587148_37aa5eb17f_c.jpgRaid in the city (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Pvt. Daniel Dave: "Hurry! Go inside the MRAP, it is the safest vehicle. You has to get on board, we don't have much time, we have received news of enemy heavy vehicles in the area... What are you holding?!".

Geologist: "OK! I get onboard!... This is a special stone.. Tosul must never get his hands on it, and neither do other nations.."

50144126641_420a4e460c_c.jpgRaid in the city (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Lt. Ronald Pastrami: "Yeah sure.. We're leaving!"

Sgt. Eric Wadd: "We're under heavy fire! Where's the support? Must leave NOW"

50143587658_af2770f53d_c.jpgRaid in the city (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Lt. Ronald: "Perfect, everyone is on board. We can finally bring these civilians away from here, the heavy vehicles and the chosen troops will arrive soon, and there will be nothing left of this place".

IUCV driver: "We lead the way!"

IUCV co-driver: "We have to turn left, to reunite with the rest of the troops in the north, the Teams Rats are fast advancing towards us, we will be safe.. It's a matter of time before enemy ta .. Oh, sh ..!"

50144123091_145e80bfea_c.jpgRaid in the city (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

*Tank shoot*


50144123346_6e4fa7cb96_c.jpgRaid in the city (5) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Pvt. Daniel: "Reverse gear! reverse gear! Let's not end up in his line of fire! Here Whale 2, to DEM, an enemy tank, one ClercLe T12, has just arrived and destroyed Otter 1!"

Sgt. Eric: "Someone is still alive! They are coming out of the trunk! Quick, get them into the truck!"

Cpl. Oscar Inglewood: "Driver and co-driver of the IUCV died in the explosion, the flames are devouring the vehicle, we only made it because they are protected in the rear row ..."

*an ever closer rumble*

Tank Commander: "We have arrived, hold on, we will take care of the enemy tank, and we will also clear your way from the carcasses and debris. Pilot clear the way".

Tank Pilot: "Yes, sir!"

50144362257_de6849749b_c.jpgRaid in the city (7) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

*tank clears the road*

Sgt. Eric: "Hurray! cavalry is here!"

Enemy soldier behind Jersey block: "Damn.."

*car carcass crush on him*

50143585398_1d20dace34_c.jpgRaid in the city (8) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Tank Gunner: "Gun's ready to fire!"

Tank Commander: "FIRE!"


*Enemy tank blow up*

50144362847_63dd32252c_c.jpgRaid in the city (9) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Enemy ISV: "let's move back immediately!"

Tank Commander: "The way is clear, you can go now!"

Sgt. Eric: "Thank you, we owe you... let's move, reach out to others and leave this chaos behind!"

50143586063_ba1c161bf6_c.jpgRaid in the city (10) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Tank Commander: "Here Wolverine 84, to DEM, we are observing that the enemies are retreating inside the castle".

DEM Operator: "Received, two teams on foot, one from the north and one from the east, are converging on you. We are also observing that there is a lot of movement towards the south".

50143586328_5fdd672798_c.jpgRaid in the city (11) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Team Rats 2 Lt. George Boros: "here we come, the castle. Finally the last chapter of this senseless war is written".

Team Desert Fox Cpt. Peter Label: "Let's move inside, pay attention to every movement, there may also be traps, stay close, and don't expose yourself".

50143586608_8ec13ac968_c.jpgRaid in the city (12) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

DEM operator: "Our intelligence has just verified that most of the military leaders of Tosul's army in the area have cowardly fled the island, leaving thousands of men under threat, who are surrendering to the military liberation forces everywhere. We receive reports that troops in the city are withdrawing, and clearing operations are underway from Paul Scott Airport. We have now received order from the high military commando, chaired by our highest military leaders and by President Samina, we no longer have to take military action, as the leaders of Tosul intend to start peace negotiations. I repeat, no military action, updated rules of engagement, respond to fire only if necessary, and in any case, do not start gunfights with the enemy for first".


The St. George Castle Gate, the "Matter of Time" diorama overall view.

50143586918_26c28115b1_c.jpgRaid in the city by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr






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7 minutes ago, SATSOK said:

nice story


Thank you! I wanted to end the campaign as neutral as possible as I am personally a peaceful type, and I would like to reflect this in my moc too. In fact, I have always avoided inserting blood, executions, free violence and the like, I don't think that with violence, repression, deprivation and sanctions we can actually change something (history teaches). Better dialogue.

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You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

So the biggest thing here was your use of the red plants for explosions as others have pointed out. Quite awesome really. Glad you did a custom mashup up with the (2) Sanctums so we did not have to flag you there. I also really liked the simple divider pieces you created, they just look great. I am curious if all the vehicles are your design ground up or some modification to others? Great job here though. For a build so detailed I would only suggest maybe cleaning up some of those sidewalk studs a bit.

PROS: Beautiful battle scene with building and vechicles and lovely story with the scinentist. Many times there is a beautiful build but with a poor decription and α incomplete story. Also, even if you used a ready Lego model (Dr.Strange's hous) I loved how you compined two of them and make a beautiful corner building. My favorite part is the Mexican standoff between the two tanks

CONS: in the road plates, you left the studs uncovered and that

SUGGESTION. You could cover the studs in the road plates with light gray tiles, and the create damages on them and put some scattered ruins and trush


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

Edited by paintballman

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