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Hello everybody!

This is the first MOC I present on Eurobricks. My most popular MOC yet is the 3 speed auto gearbox ( But now to this gearbox:IMG_20200721_111408_4.jpg

At first ask yourself this question: Which sense has a normal D-N-R gearbox in a manual technic car? It has no sense. It makes no difference if you are in the forward gear or in te reserve. But with this D-N-R gearbox it makes a difference, because if you are in the forward gear, you can not push the car backward and if you switch in the reserve gear, you can not push the car forward. If you want to build this gearbox into a technic car, you have to connect the grey connectors to the wheels and one of the black ones to the fake engine.

For more information check out this MOC on rebrickable (maybe it is not approved yet):

No I wanted to ask you, what you think about this D-N-R gearbox?

Here is an video of my gearbox:

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The desing isn't bad, but I would not like this in a car MOC. Imagine accidentaly pushing the car forwards while it is still in reverse. Normally It wouldn't really matter, but with your design something might break since you stall the entire drivetrain.

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