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Hi everyone!
I'm new to Eurobricks, so let me present my first MOC here, the Mazda RT24-P prototype racing car built in 1:20 scale. It's 11 studs wide, with a 16-stud wheelbase. Building at this scale presented a number of challenges especially due to the lack of wheelarch/fender pieces for this wheel size, but I feel like I got the overall proportions and enough details in there. I wanted to preserve the modularity of a real prototype racing car, so I included features like a removable engine cover and rear bodywork, a basic engine, and removable single-piece front bodywork. I'd have liked to include an interior in the cockpit but it was really too tight in there.

For more pictures my Flickr album is


Here I added a few stickers in Photoshop :)



That chewed-up sticker in front of the rear wheel is from the Ferrari F1 8362 set!




As promised, bodywork removed, revealing the airbox and engine. The width of the chassis base is an even number of studs-wide while the front and rear are odd-stud wide which was a headache to engineer.



A closer look at the engine and radiators.


Digital render from, showing the monocoque, the modular sidepods and front fender elements.


The front bodywork.

Thanks for stopping by!


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1 hour ago, 2g_bricks said:

Nice job! I love that car! Maybe you could make the rear wing a bit studless? 

Thanks :pir_laugh2:! That mazda is probably the best looking modern prototype car out there. I too hate that my rear wing's like that! I really racked my brains trying to think of a way to make it studless but I just couldn't :/ didn't want to make it 2 plates tall either... 

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Wow, that's pretty cool! I am from the technic section, so there are far too many studs on this model for my taste. I like the open cockpit and the use of these antennas. I think the way people usually do windows in the scale modeling section using black tiles is really bad looking, great you managed to avoid that.

And the massive ammount of uneven studwidth building in this MOC is intresting as well!

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