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Brick Train Awards: The Entries Gallery

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There were 738(I think) entries into the Brick Train Awards but we only saw about 50 of them. There have been questions on Facebook weather they were going to post all of the entries and the answer was sadly no.  So here I would like to see the entries you the reader submitted into the brick train awards.  So please post some of your entries here so we can see them in all of their glory.  You can post as many entries of your you would like.  6 or less photos of the model and one video are allowed and one photo of the prototype if you want(this is what was done for the BTA's) and please if you decide to post don't go on rambling about why you didn't win and be a sore loser but don't brag if you won. Lastly please say kind thing about other entries if you want to. 


Here is my entity. 





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Great initiative ?

Below are the three out of my four entries which didn’t win ?




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My entries for the freight category (which includes MOW).


Brandt Power Unit, which I just recently finished (after it sat 90% complete for 3 years! ?).

Brandt Power Unit


Brandt Power Unit


Brandt Power Unit


Nordco UTV-500 ultrasonic rail inspection, which I built back in 2013.

Nordco Right


Nordco Test Carriage

Nordco Rear






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Didn't submit anything. Didn't really see a reason to, to be honest.

Grats to anyone who won.

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Well, I enter In almost All categories (Europe)

Best Steam:


Best Diesel


Best Electric:


Best Other:



Best Passenger:

Best Freight:



Best Group (just 2 people)


Best Structure

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