MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

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9 minutes ago, MinusAndy said:

I did look into a central drop tank but it would have to be far too big to fit the battery box in. There’s a couple of other parts that I felt could be upgraded too so this rebuild was inevitable really. My desk already looks like a crash site so it’s time to get back into it.

Another option would be to hide the batterybox in a stand. That way you can show off the working landinggear etc. without having to hold the plane in your hands.

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I also considered having a ground support vehicle with it in but I decided ages ago that I want this hung from my ceiling when it’s done. 

I now have this gearbox built and powered by two l-motors. The grey output is constant and will run the engines and the gun. The yellow and black outputs are switchable for direction and run the landing gear and flaps and slats.

New gearbox with constant drive out of the centre shaft to run the engines and the gun. Bi directional switching on the outputs to each side of that for the undercarriage and flaps and slats. Motors are hidden within the wing roots.


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A quick update on this. I’ve ended up entirely rebuilding the gearbox and switches, after exploring several mechanisms that used intricate timing of levers to disconnect the landing gear and flap mechanisms I have finally used differentials as a way to turn off the power input to the functions when the limits of movement are reached. I’ve also incorporated a large main spar which runs right through the model in order to keep the wings nice and stiff. I’m trying to keep my part count down as I have a tendency to overbuild using tiny elements rather than using frames and long lift arms instead.

Main spar and revised gearbox and landing gear.


Main spar and revised gearbox and landing gear.Main spar and revised gearbox and landing gear.

in this final picture you can see the drive from the gearbox to the landing gear going through the output shafts of a differential. When resistance is met by the output the rotation is diverted through the crown wheel to the rotary selector catch.

I shall update this again soon when I’ve built the other wing and added the nose wheel. 

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