[WIP] Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey (42082 c-model)

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I was excited when 1st picture of new 42113 set leaked, finally something different than 'car'
Even the color design was ok, not to tell it's military plane.

But I decided to build by own version as 42082 moc, started in first half of June and I'm about 75% done. All was based on that 1 picture and blueprints.
My model should have around 2500 pieces and 6 motorized and 5 manual functions + rotation of wing to transport position not yet decided
My model would be 10-15% bigger, more correct - based on dimensions of known measurements
Unfortunatelly I will not have this nice rotor blades :(
Right now I'm working on central gearbox I wanted to squeze behind cabin to left enough space in cargo area to be used for something different (on top of battery box) space is limited, so it's more comlicated than i actually expected
Unfortunatelly i will not have enough time to finish it till end of summer due to some vacations and limited time for building.

When i have seen presentation 42113 video:

I can see some problems in official model:
* not enough power for rotation of gondolas (clutch pins)
* elevator moves in opposite direction as it should
* dimensions are not 'correct'
Unfortunatelly with showed function I'm not much impressed.
I understand the limitation for number of parts and final price (I do not have to fulfill, i'm limited just by model 42082 pieces)

All said i'll possibly buy it, mostly to compare with my variant




Difficult parts of the build:
*    rotation of the motor gondolas without small turntables not present in 42082 set
*    3D avionics handles without technic links (couldn't make it in one, so I used 2 'driving sticks' on top of the rear part of model)
*    gearbox (in progress)
*    transfer 3 functions from airplane body to wings still with option to rotate wings (rotor function will be available always. Flaps and gondola rotation will be 'connected' outside the turn-table via gears and will work only if wing is in standard flyable position)

functions (function not available in official 42113 set writen in bold):
* rotors + V4 engines (I know, that there should be radial engines, but at least something than nothing)
* landing gear (linear actuators)
* inclination of gondolas
* cargo door bay

* rotation of wing

* side doors on right side
* avionics - rudder, elevator (correct way), flaps
* colapsible rotor blades (only for liftarms, but compatible with new rotor blades)

* rope with hook


+ Easy to replace battery box

+ Color design: body + rotor gondolas in BLACK; wings + bodytop + avionics in RED


Any sugestions are welcome! thank you


some pictures (more pictures on bricksafe):












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How's the progress of your project? 

Now that the lego recalling 42113 

You got my attention ??

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Hello, best would be, if you'll follow me on rebrickable, so you will be notified by email about any new moc I come with ;)


I had some vacations (and also some ahead of me) so the progress is slow.

I have finished the 'gearbox', i'm starting thorough testing with connected wing

I have to find if some speeds aren't too slow or too fast and maybe introduce clutch pins to rotor blades rotation


Unfortunatelly i couldn't squeeze intended 6 motorized functions, so only 5 are there (rotor blades, landing gear, wing rotation, gondalas inclination, cargo bay door)

Not sure if i'd implement rope with hook as manual function - space is there



wing with gondolas and tail with active avionic surfaces isn't modeled in 3d yet, but are allready built and tested ;) (see previous post)


I have allready seen instructions for canceled official model - I've taken totally different approach of leaving as much as i can cargo space free, possibly building some smaller model of car inside it

my gearbox is positioned horizontally under the wing right behind the cabin

the only thing I might borrow from official model is the function of upper part cargo bay door opening in oposite direction as the lower ones - this is really ingenious function


I hope to finish the model in 2-3 weeks, and then will come some time for test builds and instruction making - it maybe take also a month to finish


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Little update on building the 3d model.

Gearbox is ready, but providing only 5 functions

All functions are working fine, i just needed to slow gear movement a little bit, so it's not so quick, with exception of rotors rotation, which should be quick

I spend at least 3 weeks tuning the gearbox and all connected gears and axles, to squeez it inside the plane body, which wasn't easy (and i was not able to fit there the 6th function unfortunately - so reel with hook would need to be operated manually)


one win is is allready connected to plane body










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