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Soft Sail Material

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I'm looking to replace the paper sails on my Black Pearl with some custom ones. Don't worry, I'm not binning the originals! I'm planning on storing them away safely. They're not the most durable and I don't want them deteriorating whilst the set is on display. So I want to make templates of them and then make some out of a material like the one LEGO uses for the soft, spongy capes. Any suggestions on what material would be suitable? Been looking to try and find the name of the material LEGO uses for the softer capes but no luck so far!

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Don't know the exact material, but for the 2020 Ninjago Dragon wings it seems similar to a nylon / polamide like fabric , it's very smooth, yet flexible.


But probably too thin to use in sails that have to stay in a certain shape, but I also see there are more textured woven Nylon variants that look more like those capes. (420d, 600d Nylon)

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