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[MOC] The White Damsel - my take on the 21322 ship

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Hello everybody. :)

First of all, this ship was made specifically for my comic series Kings and Queens of the Sea, so if you're curious who the crew are and so on - just keep reading the story to find out. In that regard it's actually a spoiler of sorts of the series, but whatever.

It is obviously inspired by the recent Barracuda Bay ship, with some twists here and there. The biggest changes of course include the colours, the third mast, but also the interior.


The figurehead gives the ship its name:


Some more images:





The ship has a full set of 8 guns:


The anchor mechanism is also different and resembles those of the older ships:


The main deck has an openable hatch with a ladder leading below:


The lower deck, accessible by removing part of the main deck:


And its bow part, with beds and a hammock - something which some of you might remember from my HMS Eternity. :)


And the galley in the stern section. The ship separates into 3 just like the original, so those parts may be accessed with ease:


Guns in the middle section:


And finally the captain's quarters:


And here's the Brickshelf folder.

That's all! I really liked the Barracuda Bay ship so I wanted to try my own approach to it. I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Thank you for sharing, Dreamweb!

I've also posted this in the Classic Pirates Facebook Group.

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Nice one !

The use of the white hull pieces is a good idea!

Good job !:thumbup:

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Thanks! Yes those white hulls are tricky, it's easy to make a ship look too modern with one of those. But in this case it works quite nicely I think.

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