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[Technique] Boat concept with Part 54090 (hijack)

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A very simple technique (hijack/misappropriation of part) with part number 54090 Aircraft Fuselage Curved Forward 8 x 16 Bottom.
The concept is super easy, and there are a lot of of people who don't know what to make of their airplane fuselage. They are so big. So there, with 2 parts, you have a boat hull, and in addition the studs are in the right place to put the tiles and plates at an angle, to make the edges. You can construct, boat, dugout, canoe, etc.

Boat concept with Part 54090 by Horlack, on Flickr

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3 hours ago, supertruper1988 said:

I am imagining a luxury yacht 

You can enlarge the length to build a canoe, or amazonian dugout but not the width.
I don't see how you can build a luxury yacht with 6-8 studs wide..
Maybe a small luxury sailboat (old and wooden => ie collection ), but probably not a luxury yatch.
old and wooden => ie collectible, as "Armada of Rouen", or "Armada of Brest", "Maritime festivals of Douarnenez)" (french Towns)
Annual gathering of old wooden ships, large and very small.


So yes, some of these very small boats are very expensive, because of collections (several hundred thousand euros for some rare skippers. More 50-100 years Old.
Sometimes 150-200 years old). But it is not, because they are very expensive, that they are luxuries.
As :

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