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[GBW] Island Rush - Plighia - 3 of 4: Operation Ur

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Finally after several days of fighting all along the north coast, the Plighia army is advancing rapidly towards the city of Saint George. The intelligence, however, has other plans for Rats Team 3, in fact, thanks to all the information collected throughout the campaign up to this point, it was possible to identify a MILP (Mobile ICBM Lauch Pod) of the army of Tosul who held in position along the main island river, that carry a nuclear warhead, in the quadrant D3. There is a need and urgency to put the missile station out of action before the high command Tosul launches the launch order, with harmful consequences for the whole world. Then Operation Ur was organized, for which a commando of selected soldiers will be transported on assault boats along the river (the shortest and most direct way) to the MILP site, an attack group supported by a heavily armed UCAV helicopter. Heavy enemy resistance is expected in the area.

50100029848_5e26d99823_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Cpt. Gabriel Parm: "Ok comrades, this is probably the most sensitive mission of the entire conflict here on the island, the enemy army has deployed a MILP along the coast of this river as you well know, our mission, I repeat, is to neutralize the MILP and if possible also recover possible sensitive enemy information. Expect a "warm" welcome".

Spec. Thomas Rough: "Received, my job remains to operate on the bomb before they launch it if I understand correctly, right? it will be challenging because the intelligence has confirmed that it is a new missile model, I will need a hand". 

Cpt. Parm: "Yes, Spec. Elizabeth it is here to give you a hand".


50100609681_c4fdf5fb5d_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Tosul soldier 1: "The perimeter is safe, we have received orders to maintain the position, it seems that the enemy is marching towards the city".

Tosul soldier 2: "What's this noise? it looks like a helicopter ... we didn't ask for air support I think ... and our radars don't detect anything ...".

Tosul soldier 3: "Damn it's an enemy stealth UCAV helicopter!"

50100835517_cfa988d5a1_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

*UCAV gutling gun shoots*

Tosul soldier 1: "Take shelter!"

Tosul soldier 4: "Enemy boats are coming!"

50100610226_b5e5b99b05_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Sgt. Brian: "Come on guys! Let's take control of the site!"

Spec. Elizabeth: "Wow! that's a huge MILP!"

Cpt. Parm: "Shoot down those enemies behind the trees!"

Dinghy gunner: "Don't worry, we offer suppression fire! Watch out for the MILP automatic turret!"

50100610566_41f92e278b_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (5) (Overall view) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Lt. Serena: "Argh! I was hit! Damn turret!"

Sgt. Brian: "I'm here, Serena, hold on!"

Spec. Elizabeth: "I throw an EMP grenade at the turret to disable it!"

50100608411_2b733010e8_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (6) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr


*Turret disabled*

Cpt. Parm: "All enemies down! Someone is still inside the MILP".

Spec. Rough: "Yes, I ear them inside..."

50100028828_1d5a686031_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (7) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Spec. Elizabeth: "There will be a way to flush them out ... may we could operate from the external control panel of the MILP to make them give up".

Spec. Rough: "Sure! We could convey the engine coolant to the interior ventilation system, we will freeze them! Let's get to work right away".

Cpt. Parm: "How's Serena Doing?"

Sgt. Brian: "Serena need medical assistance, but is a strong woman, she will make it!"

50100028903_2be92f4c24_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (8) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Tosul soldier 1: "What are they doing? I'm dying of cold in here ..."

Tosul soldier 2: "Shut up! I am deleting sensitive data from the on-board computer, they will never have it ..."

...after a few minutes...

50100834572_dd3ec33c4f_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (9) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Tosul soldiers: "We surrender.."

Cpt. Parm: "Take them!"

50100029548_efc5b24660_c.jpgGBW Island Rush - Phase III (10) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr

Spec. Rough: "Look, Captain, what I found inside the MILP, a PC!"

Cpt. Parm: "Surely they will have deleted the data we needed".

Spec. Rough: "Probably, but I know a person who is an ace in computer science, a real nerd, who is able to recover any type of data even if they have tried to delete, encrypted or secure it, the last word is not yet said!"

Cpt. Parm: "Perfect. Now we hope that the liberation of the city and the safety of our compatriots will happen soon, and that there will not be too many losses. Tosul will put everything he has to stake to maintain control of the island, especially now that his plan to allocate nuclear ICBMs is failing".



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2 hours ago, SATSOK said:

very good job :)

loved the tree !!!

Thank you!

Obviously the first image does not apply to the final calculation, as it is only a premise to the main story and serves as an incipt.

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1 hour ago, TheBeeze said:

Ohhhhhh that SCUD Truck definitely gave me some ideas!

I'm glad you like it! I wanted to create something original, obviously inspired by real models, but not necessarily so much like it, the right balance between originality and functionality.

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18 hours ago, Sir Kingston said:

The terrain gradient is expressed very well, and of course the missile deployment vehicle is a nice centerpiece. 

Thank you! It was not a particularly simple job to be able to make the ground of this diorama, I tried with different techniques, but for me this is the best, obviously given my availability of pieces :tongue:

A curiosity. The name of this diorama is inspired by the actual "Operation Babylon" which was carried out by Israel in 1981 against a nuclear power plant in Iraq, before it went into operation, fearing the possibility that the Arab nation could take advantage of it to enrich uranium. Babylon was the capital of the Babylonian empire; Ur was one of the largest cities for the Babylonians.

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You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points.

Judges’ comments…

Another user of the horizontal landscaping technique very well done. Also, another build showing various parts to build on the story. Suggestions would be maybe show a little more of that helicopter, didn't really get to see it. Also the Scud Truck felt a little cramped on that size board, you could have really benefitted from the build being a bit wider. Scud truck was nicely done. Great job.

PROS: The SNOT use of the small rock piece is great. Even if it is much flat, it reminds me the big slippery rocks in the shores. Also the MILP have many small details that shows the efford you put on it. And the design of the large Zodiac is noticeable

CONS: The mix of the colors in the rocks distrract the attention

SUGGESTION: Try to use single color for rocks, tan for sand and dark tan for wet sand


Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

Edited by paintballman

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4 hours ago, TheMarshal said:

Wow very cool battle


Thank you! I try to represent a world as realistic as possible, from a military point of view, with its own coherence.

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