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[MOC] Modular Music Store

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Here comes my 4th modular MOC: This music store gives the local music scene all the instruments that it needs - from electric and classical guitars to pianos.
The dark red building to me has kind of a 1930ish vibe. With ist copper roof and the brownstone facade (actually dark red stone like you would find it in the Northern part of Germany) I wouldn't be too surprised to find the building in German cities like Hamburg.


Being a corner-half-modular the music shop doesn't really offer much space in the inside. Imagine someone actually buying one of the pianos. How do they manage to carry it down the stairs?


The pink building to me looks more like 1900ish building. A pink show-off facade on the front was added to the half-timbered construction of the rest of the house. Nowadays the pink building is the home of Ms. Brickson, the local music teacher. She offer piano lessons in the belle étage of this beautiful building.



All stories of the modular building can be detached as well as the two 16x32 baseplates can be separated to make the building individual separate half-modulars.


The modular Music Store perfectly extends any modular city comprised of either Lego creator expert modulars or your own MOCs of course.


And last but not least. I have build this one in real bricks. More pictures of the real bricks version in my flickr album:



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Good stuff!

But I wonder why you choose to post mostly digital renders as your highlights here when the real build looks so much better?

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I second that. When I saw the one real picture in the midst of all those renders, I seriously asked myself if it actually was just an exceptionally good render. Then when I saw the link to flickr with the real pics, I just wondered why you didn't just post those. Decent real photos are pretty much always preferable to renders, imho - especially as it takes a whole dfferent kind of dedication to aquire and build something with real bricks, then 'just' posting pics of a digital build. Note, not slamming the creative effort that goes into digital builds in any way here - I know that it's hard work, too. I often plan my builds digitally aswell. But I just far prefer pictures of real builds.


Anyway: I quite like this!

Not entirely sure on the pink facade, but it seems to complement the other colors well. I actually like the pink building better overall. The facade (color aside) is nice and tidy, and the faux half-timbered section works well, too!
The red/sand green building has great ideas and details, too, but the bay window feels a bit too smooth to me, compared to the rest of the building - almost as if it was added later. Of course, if that was the effect you were going for, kudos :classic:. Don't really get the ground floor facade with the telescopes in front of the castle windows, though. I've never seen something like that :look:

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Thanks guys for your replies. You have a valid point about the renderings. I thinks it’s mainly my lack of photography skills that lead me rounding the renderings. I’ll try to have more faith in my skills next time ?

the pink facade is actually inspired by a real building from my youth when i used to live in Bonn, the former German capital. There used to be quite a few older houses from the early 1900 that had pink facades combined with white accents. I agree though that the LEGO Pink is slightly stronger than the one on the real houses back then. 

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