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This is my very own Bespin Duel on Cloud City Diorama MOC built of LEGO bricks: 












And yes, Instructions are available --> link in my signature :D 



As I already stated in my latest thread, where I introduced you my new LEGO display build "Bespin Cloud City Arrival and Betrayal Diorama MOC", I was highly disappointed with LEGO's latest 75222 "Betrayal on Cloud City" set, because of it's lack of accurate design, childish little rooms, amount of sticker sheets, pricing, etc.

So I designed 2x giant display builds of Cloud City. Important to notice is the fact that I made both MOCs in honor of the 40th anniversary of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK this Year.

This one here is the 2nd and final build and is called "Bespin Duel on Cloud City Diorama MOC" (The outside is designed to represent an accurate slice of the giant Gas-Processing Vane where the Carbonite Freezing Chamber and the Sensor Balcony are located in): 

The Diorama depicts 2 different locations inside/outside the Gas-Processing Vane: Main Control Room and the Sensor Balcony.


  • Main Control Room that is directly connected to the Side Corridor, Curved Hallway and Viewport that leads to the outer railing
  • Control Room features 3x Control Panel Consoles with cabling, a Control Holotable, Piping throughout the walls and 2x metal shelves with crates placed inside
  • easy access to the Curved Hallway from the front- and backside
  • outer railing with handrail, lights and staircase on both sides that leads to the doorway and Sensor Balcony
  • doorway includes a short part of the iconic triangular shaped hallway design as well
  • Sensor Balcony platform features highly accurate antennas and piping and is built in a way to handle the front-heavy structure

I am especially proud of the fact that you can recreate the entire duel sequence between Vader and Luke, once they exit the Carbonite Freezing Chamber.

Additionally, the entire model can be divided into 2 stand-alone modular sections as shown in the pictures, not only for easy transport, but each section can be displayed on it’s own.

You can recreate the iconic duel between Luke and Vader and follow them while fighting, starting with the Main Control Room where Luke gets sucked out of the Viewport, his sneak around on the railing, and the final fight on the Sensor Balcony followed by the most epic revelation in cinema history …!

What do you guys think ? Does this Diorama MOC justice to the Giant Gas-Processing Vane shown in TESB and Vader/Luke's iconic duel on Cloud City ? default_default_classic.gif




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Dang! *huh*

This one is hands down my favorite so far - clicked as soon as I saw this.  The color scheme looks amazing, and the processing vane section is about the only part that I liked about the 75222 set, perhaps the interrogation chamber as well.  Either way, this is fantastic work!

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Really awesome scale! I really enjoy the interior part of the build where Darth Vader threw the containers toward Luke. Great build altogether. 

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