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The Blizzard

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indexed.gif V-LV-1E

This was an former entry to the hotRod Contest- It's a tricked out 4-wide rod, with a huge V8 and removable hard top. It's extremely low, so that the minifig has to lie down inside if closed. It's made of mostly classic pieces, mixed with some modern parts, like the curved 3x1 slope or the cheese-slopes etc. It's my first hot rod creation ever!


My sig sitting inside when the top is removed. If its's closed the fig has to lie inside involving taking the legs off, due to dis-proportions of the minifig


Front view with assembled hard top


Side view of the beast

mFg Widdi

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A nice car, elegant in red and white with an impressive engine. Although, to separate the legs to drive that babe.... a hard task

for your poor little MF.... but well, he really seems to love his cool tuned car.... take a little, give a little on! :classic:

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