[MOC] The Skull Eye

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I had already announced it, I am currently working on a new edition of the 6286 ship, the Skull Eye Schooner.
(Even if the ship is not actually a schooner)

I'm still designing it with the studio program.

Here I have the first pictures:


For the amidships, I used the Barracuda as a guide.


Here is a comparison of the old figurehead to the new one!
I am extremely satisfied with the result!


Since this mast is unfortunately not available in the studio program, I had to create a dummy.^^


Now "only" the rear is missing. :pir_laugh2:

Actually, the ship hast 173 building steps^^

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Excellent idea!

And is coming around very good! :pirate:

I can't wait to see the final result.

Do you plan you share the Studio file?

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Awesome build. I will subscribe for this topic to see final creation.

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I'm finally done!

I still have to order a few parts via BrickLink.
When they are still here, then I can build the Ship!

Then you also get the final pictures!

In the end there were exactly 500 building steps ^^


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I'm still missing some bricks.
There are a total of 7 BrickLink orders - of which 5 have already arrived today.
Hopefully the other two will come tomorrow, because then I can start building on Sunday ^^

The Skull Eyes Schooner is by far my favorite set from Lego.
I also don’t remember in which year I got it.
But an estimated 22-25 years ago, I would say.

In order to say goodbye to this old friend (before he is reborn in the form of the reaper), I made up a little ministory.
But I did not make the greatest effort.
I think I would have made up a whole story earlier, 20 years ago. ^^

Something would have happened, like, the Skull Eye is in the Caribbean when the Navy suddenly appears.


Panic spreads ...


A battle ensues, but the pirates are outnumbered ...


But then an allied ship comes to the reinforcement!


And together they defeat the enemy and start a big celebration!


Unfortunately, the Skull Eye didn't survive the battle!


Fortunately, the Allies have a capable shipbuilder and the Reaper is bored ^^



Something like that ~

I also renewed the crew!
Although I have kept some figures.

08tbjz1.jpg 09d7k9p.jpg

There are also 3 officers, with the middle one setting the tone.


It's amazing how the print quality of the characters has changed in the 30 years!
At the time, I didn't care that Lego had given the characters names.
I knew his name was Captain Redbeard, but I never called him that.
Just see his hand!
It's Captain Hook! End of discussion ^^
The guy to his right was Smee.


Well, if everything works out, you'll get the final pictures in the course of the next week!

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On 7/6/2020 at 8:51 PM, Raziel-117 said:

Thank you!

The rear is gradually taking shape!


It reminds me a lof of the new Barracuda, but as I have never seen the old Skull Eye, I might not see the connection to it.

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The Time has come ^^
The Ship is finally finished! :pir-classic:




On my Flickr Page I have a lot more Pictures.

You can find the Instruction >here< as Download!





Here are a few Comparison-Pictures with the Original:







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I thin k this looks as a great update! The comparison shots show how much you managed to improve on the original! I specialy like the new bow section with its fore castle. And the extra layer for the midships deck gives the whole ship a better line (stern less 'sticking out and up').

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Thank you all for the positive feedback! :pir-huzzah2:

In the studio program, the Ship-Parts are unfortunately quite buggy.
You can't align the bricks properly.
I always had to create a few auxiliary constructions :pir_laugh2:


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