[MOC] The Skull Eye

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I had already announced it, I am currently working on a new edition of the 6286 ship, the Skull Eye Schooner.
(Even if the ship is not actually a schooner)

I'm still designing it with the studio program.

Here I have the first pictures:


For the amidships, I used the Barracuda as a guide.


Here is a comparison of the old figurehead to the new one!
I am extremely satisfied with the result!


Since this mast is unfortunately not available in the studio program, I had to create a dummy.^^


Now "only" the rear is missing. :pir_laugh2:

Actually, the ship hast 173 building steps^^

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Posted (edited)

Excellent idea!

And is coming around very good! :pirate:

I can't wait to see the final result.

Do you plan you share the Studio file?

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