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Professor Thaum

[EBFS] [SR - FB 2 - Jun 620] Miracle from El Oleonda

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North West of Tortuga nowadays


Dr Thaum : Put it bluntly Callaghan, what do you think of my new botanical trial ?


Callaghan : So, this time, I'm really astounded !

Dr Thaum : Thank you so much Callaghan !!

Callaghan : Yeah... I'm really astounded of the fierceness you show in transforming beautiful plants and flowers into living ignominies ready to chow us at the earliest opportunity !

Dr Thaum : Ignominies !? You're a bonehead Callaghan ! Theses are the finest specimen ! And you, you deserve your own credit for that !

Callaghan : By Jove !

Dr Thaum : Remember that dark refined earth you identified on El Oleonda... Those plants are grown thanks to this "terra preta" ( an eslandolan word for breeding ground).


Callaghan : Oh, at least there are some real flowers


Dr Thaum : My hemlock plants are very healthy, aren't they !

Callaghan : Well, yeah... right.



Probably a small educational build for the RSNP, to the good care of @Bregir or @Ayrlego



It will count for the EB flower contest.

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What a lovely collection of deadly flora......can they be trained to eat Imperialists? :pir-grin:

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The crazy experiments of the doctor and his... Aggressive plants are always fun to follow, although I fear at some point he will run out of live companions or end his own existence in the belly of a plant!

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:iamded_lol: Hilarious as always, Professor!  Quite the collection of garden plants too, and they actually look really pretty when they don't look like they're about to gobble you up, :pir-grin:  Nicely done!

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