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[MOC - Esl - FB] Lady Condora to the rescue

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Lady Condora to the rescue

Basil de Eslandola was left at the portuary inn in Terraversa near the place where he reached land with the rest of his crew after the wreckedge of The Brickwall. (Look here if you missed the last episode)


Lady Condora deturned quickly her route and jumped aboard the Golden Buggle to join the Terraversa port he was.


The swift vessel took its promises and beat a speed record to finally brang Lady Condora at destination.



She has been welcomed by the Terraversan with all the respect due to her noble Rank and was led to the Mayor of the local town who was the local owner of the inn where Basil was recovering.


The mayor explained her he was concerned by the actions of some Mardier officers he hosted at his inn before he took care of Basil.


According to him : There is a conspiracy ongoing here in Terraversa and Mardier is probably involved and their officers didn't find the needs to hide themselves.

The mayor said he surprised letter exchanges and some spying actions are probably engaged by the previous masters of the island.




After that statement, Lady Condora got to Basil de Eslandola who had quite well recovered from his adventures at sea.

He was resting at the inn and was ready to return to Eslandola. Lady Condora was relieved to see him in better condition she imagined...



But Basil confirmed the fear we had about Mardier and said there was even more ...


To be continued ...


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Great build, I like the Inn, te docks and the ship together. And a good story.

Looking forward to more.

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Lovely facade and nice story, the interior is a little barren but minifig posing compensates well!

About the rumors that your character overheard... they are absolutely fake news! Probably he has just met a deluded man, thinking he actually is a Mardierian officer: in Breshaun you can find one thinking he is the King of Mardier, in Astrapi another pretending to be a Canon of Hades... poor souls, may the Gods show them the truth! :pir_tong2:

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Great Build ( love the way you tell a story )



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