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Jack Sassy

[MOC] Treasure Cove

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Ahoy, everyone,

Today I present to you my newest MOC and also my first topic on this site - Treasure Cove.


This is the overview of it all.


The back of it.


The two characters established here are Albert Van Der Graff, a noble Dutch pirate sailing in the West Indies during the early 18th century, and his comrade, helmsman - John Bones. Together they have sailed into this dark cove to find a lost treasure which could be worth a few dozen reales. While maybe there were some natives guarding the place before, nowadays it seems they all have dissapeared, the only evidence of their presence are the poor souls who tried getting the treasure for themselves.


As you can see, after removing the rowboat, water baseplates are revealed and I did not connect these because otherwise there wouldn't be place for the boat.

Secret treasure cove found by noble Dutch pirates.

 The treasure itself is a bit of a cheap trade seeing as it's only a red crystal but sold to the right person, one might be able to buy themselves a proper vessel.


More pictures are available on Flickr:


Thank you for your time to read this post and tell me what ye think about this build, criticism is always open to a certain point.

Jack Sassy

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22 hours ago, Techam said:

Simple but nice little display.  I like the story.

Thank ye, I had that story in my head for a long time, so I decided to tell it with bricks

18 hours ago, Jevil said:

Reminiscent of the Original Classic Pirate sets in its simplicity. I like it!

I never gave that much of a thought, but I suppose from some perspectives it is, thanks.

12 hours ago, Fraunces said:

funny moc, minimalistic like a LEGO set. nice

Aye, that's the idea of most MOCs i've made, thank you.

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