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[LEGO IDEAS] Modular Island Fortress

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50024486026_e226a8654b_w.jpgModular Island Fortress by Christian Techam, on Flickr

Hi all,

  I am a new member here at EB but have read it for many years.  I am sharing here a MOC of mine that I completed and uploaded to the Ideas site a year ago, the "Modular Island Fortress" (as of posting, it has over 100 days left).  I love pirates and bluecoats, and I wanted to create a fort for my soldiers to call home.  This one sits atop a rocky island sticking out of the sea with carved steps to the door.  Its construction is modular not just in separating floors but also removeable walls as I hope to use this as a set for a stop motion film someday.

  On the ground floor are two cannons and a heavy wooden door.  There are small holes in the walls for troops to fire through with muskets.  The curved wall I made simply with hinge bricks.  A hatch opens up allowing soldiers to descend by ladder into the hollowed out cellar in the rock.  Stairs lead from the ground floor to the one above, where troops walk a small hallway including the door to the commander's quarters before emerging into the open air on the fortress roof.  There are two swiveling cannons and a flagpole.

I hope you enjoy!  More pics on Ideas and my Flickr.

50024508201_a822ac7820_w.jpgModular Island Fortress by Christian Techam, on Flickr

50023962528_54329153f4_w.jpgModular Island Fortress by Christian Techam, on Flickr

50023975823_5471f50932_w.jpgModular Island Fortress by Christian Techam, on Flickr

50024517926_c066b4ae4b_w.jpgModular Island Fortress by Christian Techam, on Flickr

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