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[MOC] Big MAZ 537 + Trailer for tree trunks - Instructions are in progress

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Hello LEGO-Builders,

after the release of my first model, the Land Rover Defender Camel Trophy, I want to introduce you to my second model.

It is a MAZ 537 with the possibility to change it into a transporter with trailer for tree trunks.

The model was inspired by an Czech designer. (see  )

Compared to the Land Rover, the MAZ 537 consists only of LEGO parts. You need 3.499 parts to build the MAZ and 1.068 parts the build the trailer. In total 4.567 parts for both.

The dimensions are:

MAZ without trailer = 60 cm x 22 cm

MAZ with trailer = 110 cm x 22 cm


I know that the colour “Dark Green” is not the cheapest, so you can also replace all “Dark Green” parts with Grey for example.

The most expensive part is the plate 1 x 8 (3460) in “Dark Green”. If you want you can order this part from me, I have approx. 22 pieces in stock!


The instructions are in progress. I think I will need some weeks to finish them.

On my flickr page you can find all the photos of this model:

50018349398_6f6dee0883_c.jpgTrailer 1 by Matt's Lego Creations, auf Flickr

50018878296_881f62ee48_c.jpgMAZ 1 by Matt's Lego Creations, auf Flickr

50019138272_3cf7384f06_n.jpgMAZ Compare by Matt's Lego Creations, auf Flickr

Hope you like this model, too.

Edited by Matts Lego Creations

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