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MOC - Imperial Senate Building

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This MOC is built for my Brikwars Faction: M-Throne Empire. According to the faction lore this is the Imperial Senate Building. It’s built in greco-roman architecture style obviously. I’m mainly inspired by the Athenian Parthenon and the Phanteon in Paris. The MOC actually represents only a part of the building as it supposedly belongs to a larger building which expands towards back. Unlike the real counterparts my MOC includes ionic style columns instead of doric or corithian. The symbolism around the building based on roman culture including the eagle and statues. Although the M-Throne Empire is space empire, it is somewhat based on the historical Roman Empire from a artistical point of view. 

The writing on the building starts with roman numbers MMXIII which is equal to 2013. Its the date when I first introduce my brikwars faction. “Ad Maius Bonum” is the latin version of the slogan of my faction which is “For the Greater Good”. “A.T.” are the initials form my name.

The pediment is devided in two sections. The left secton represents the “good” side and the right section represents the “evil” side. The pediment overall depicts the war between good and evil. In the middle of the pediment, statue of the emperor is placed presenting him in medieval style Knight armor with a visored helmet on a curveting horse, protecting the good people against the evil. 

The black eagle on the top of the building is also a symbolism for the Emperor in the faction lore. The Emperor oversees and protects everyone who serves the greater good. The Winged statues on each end of the roof are spirits of soldiers, who were fallen fighting fort he greater good.

The evil side is represented by an army of skeletons atacking towards the good side. The backround is a rural area represented with mountains, valleys, trees etc. There is also a flying dragon in front of a full moon representing the major evil force. The dragon symbolism is defined by historians and psycologists as the ultimate monster and enemy of men that have the physical atributes of a snake an eagle and a lion at the same time. Therefor I thought that the representation of a dragon would be the most logical choice representing the evil. 

The good side is represented by number of statues from different professions. Starting from middle there is a commander statue leading the army of men against the evil forces. Behind him on his left there are three soldiers in shield wall formation. The figure on their left holding a syringe is representing the scientist because a war against the evil should be backed by science. Behind the scientist to the left there a statue of an old man holding a tablet and stick representing the a teacher or academician because the battle against the evil needs people who are properly educated. On the most left side there are two little statues representing the youngling. Younger generations are supposed to be ready to take the positions of elders in the fight against the evil. The background on this side is filled with buildings with greco-roman architecture style representing the civilized world.
The concept of battle against the evil could be taken as literally or symbolically. Anything againt the greater good, for example: İlliterateness, starvation, economical crisis etc could be considered as the forces of evil. Flying monsters or undead armies are a representation of the forces acting against the greater good.

The Larger statues on both sides of the door are representing glorious warriors of the empires history. The statue on the left is equipped with oval shied like a early medieval cavalry and a broadsword. The staue on the right is a hoplite from classical greece equipped with a spear and hopla, a round shield. 

There are two lion statues in the front. These lions are based on Kale Frost’s lion statue designs and not my own. I really liked the shaping and wanted to add to my MOC.

I also made custom Senate Guard Figures. There are heavily inspired by the Rebuplic Senate Guards from Star Wars. I made them in red instead of dark blue as my Brikwars Faction M-Throne’s main color is red. The helmets are the Spartan Warrior CMF helmets spray painted in red with brush painted plumes in black. The torso and legs are from Imperial Guard Star Wars minifigures.

The build takes about three weeks to complete and consist nearly 20k pieces. I want to thank all my friends for their comments, critics and motivation during the building phase. 




For more photos photo album for the MOC: ALBUM


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I saw this one on Flickr. Really cool! I like how you managed to get so much detail with only one color without making it boring.

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Fantastic all-around, but the battle sculpture at the top - especially the horse and rider - is superb.  Great build!  :sweet:

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I have uploaded a video for this MOC:

Its in turkish language, but you may want to take a look for the visuals


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