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REVIEW: 76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah

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Here is my review on 76157 Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah.


  • Excellent Minifigures.
  • The satellite dish panels are all PRINTED!
  • Interesting way to build the vent.
  • Very smooth rotation on the action feature. 


  • Very bland (close to none) interior.
  • Re-use of head for Max.

Overall, this is an interesting set.  I do think the set building experience and exterior are a lot more sophisticated than most other similar price range super heroes themed sets but than the interior is really lacking.  The satellite rotation and the printed panels are cool though.  Especially the printed panels are good for other space crafts build. Minifigures wise, it's good.  It would be better if Max looks a bit more like Pedro Pascal and a variation of wings for Wonder Woman.  One thing I want to highlight is the availability of this set is very unclear at the moment.  It is released in some retailers and LEGO certified store (where I bought it) but shop@home is showing 1st July, so keep an eye out if you are looking for this.  I will still recommend this set if you are a fan of the DC movies and love super heroes in general.

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12 hours ago, RedHoodPug said:

@Pchan1983nice review. The movie isn’t out now until October, so it’s no wonder availability is confused.

Thanks.  Yes just saw the news after I posted this.  Hope we really do get to see it in October =)

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