[MOD] 31109 Creator Pirate Ship MOD of Combining 2 Sets

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3 hours ago, SteamSewnEmpire said:

If you're willing to make small changes, my only advice (to echo others) would be sail alterations - namely, heightening the fore mast a bit, the main mast more, and then adding additional yards to both. Ships with a full level rig weren't really introduced until the 19th Century (clipper ships, for example, had all masts of roughly equal height). Introducing significant variations in mast height would make this look more like its own creation.

Now, as you said, this would likely require redesigning the masts a fair amount, but it probably wouldn't be more than about $10 USD on Bricklink to accomplish this.

Thank you for the historical background too, the half barrel also needs to go with the hoses. Will play around with it and wait for the next BrickLink run.

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