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Last year i finnished one of my biggest and most serious project to date, and now after a long time i am trying to make first entry to this forum to reach more people with this creation, and gain some feedback too, have to say that thanks to some lego builders and also my nature i like agro machines, and in lego they combine look with functionality almost perfectly.


Challenger MT965E 

This model was created to showcase me as a builder and the way i would like to go, along with instructions which may help me to gain some interest in future creations, this was the first spark to see if there is any further interest in agriculture stuff. The scale of tractor is 1:17-ish ...since wheels are a bit smaller around 1:19, overall the model is my first entry into scale modeling so i may learn more stuff along the way of future projects.

It has basic functions as drive with XL motor, with manual locking differentials on both axles, steering is operated by two small linear acctuators powered by one L motor, then the rear hydraulic hitch is powered by M motor and PTO is propulsed by L motor. 

Instructions are made by myself, also there was quite a learning curve as a begginer in that kind of field, so there still may be few missing features and little bugs, but so far nobody had any major complains.

Instructions can be bought at rebrickable:


More photos:




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