[MOC] Haas UMC-750 5-Axis CNC Mill

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Hey guys, first time posting in the scale model forum. Hope I've got this right :wink:

I've been building various machine tools for a workshop on my layout. One of them was a Haas VF2-SS, a 3-axis CNC milling machine. I got this stupid idea to stick a motor in to get the spindle moving but it blew the scale way off, so I rebuilt a totally different model with a bit more bulk, the UMC-750 5-axis mill. 

Here's the full gallery, more video and images below:

Front view. Doors slide open:



Back view showing the motor. Currently uses a PF M motor but I originally had the old 4x5 motor running. The real machine runs at 8k+ rpm and those old motors push 4k, so not too far off. I'm not doing any actual milling so torque isnt much of an issue ;) 


Side view showing the movable control panel:


Other side, showing the tool changer and cooling hoses. The real thing has a 40+1 tool capacity, which wasnt too feasible. I'm sure there's a better solution for this, but I'm happy with it for now


Internal view showing the platter, chip conveyor, spindle, etc:


And the real thing for comparison!


Cheers :)

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On 6/23/2020 at 10:01 PM, Jerry McGlade said:

I really like the MOC because of being a learner of machining! I really enjoy how you made it motorized! Awesome job!

Me too! It is pretty realistic, great job @electropie!

I mean, it even has the cleaning fluid nozzle:)


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