LEGO Marvel Superheroes Advent Calendar Idea

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So, below is my list for figures and builds if LEGO were to do an advent calendar for LEGO Marvel Superheroes.





Daily Bugle Helicopter


Thanos Copter

X-Men Jet

Avengers Tower

Tony Stark's Hot Rod


Shield Jet


Spider-Man Drone


Spider-Man (Upgraded Suit from Far From Home)

Hawkeye (Classic)

Doctor Octopus

Stan Lee

Wolverine (classic blue and yellow with cowl and hair)

Human Torch

Mr. Frantastic

Invisible Woman

The Thing (minifigure version)

Iron Man (exclusive Christmas colored red and green armor)

Captain America (exclusive Christmas colored red and green variation to both his suit and shield, with the star in the middle still being white)



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On 6/2/2020 at 6:36 PM, mindstormsboi said:

What is "The Thing"?

He's the big orange guy from Fantastic Four.


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