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[MOC] Ordinary Vacations

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Unlike many other people, Mr. Hill always preferred simple and quiet forms of vacation.


(Top) Here we see Mr. Hill peacefully relaxing on a beach. Warm sunlight and gentle breeze, soft sand and quietly whispering waves - everything was perfect.

(Left) A humble picnic meant a lot for Mr. Hill. Without traveling too far, one can earn a place of peaceful solitude, close to nature and free of any disturbance.

(Right) It is a fascinating book which makes an ordinary weekend at home so special. Here, sitting in a comfortable armchair in a warm room, Mr. Hill once again enjoys a moment of meditative solitude. It may well turn out one of his best though imaginary journeys.


Created for the Lego Ideas contest 'Build that holiday into THAT holiday!' in which submissions are limited between 150 and 250 parts.

Thank you for your attention!

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This gent truly has an enviable life, such simple pleasures for him to enjoy :wink:

Really well presented vigs, thanks for sharing. :classic:

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