Jamin Star

[MOC] Western Sheriff's Office

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Hello, here is a render from Bricklink Studio software of a Sheriff's Office that I designed for my Western Town.

49932562601_f2f3bbb52f_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932874472_0eddeb63f6_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932874457_058ec62689_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932050263_9e17ded21c_c.jpgLego Western Town Sheriff Office by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932562561_5bd9ff6cb9_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932562516_0ebd2c93f4_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

49932050223_af7cfdeb6a_c.jpgSherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr

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