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Welcome to a really weird episode of EB News Presents. Really weird because, while I am technically the host for this little disaster, Staudie is running the show. Running it into the ground, maybe, but running it. So here we go!

Hi everybody! I'm Staudie!

They knew that.

I'm hosting here!

Don't remind me.

Take 2! Hi everybody, I'm Staudie!

We can barely take one of you.


Take 3! Hi everybody, I'm Staudie, you know old what's-his-name over there, and our guest this week will be nude. Er. I mean, a swoosher. A nude swoosher. Um... it's KimT!

Smooth. Real smooth. You have a future in movies.


Yeah, I hear they're hiring somebody to clean up all the spilled popcorn at the theatre down the street.

Take 4! Hi ...

Just start the show, please.

Ok! You still want to be interviewed, right?

M'kay! I guess You'll never quit until I agree! :hmpf_bad: So how does it work?

Not very well, it's Staudie, I'm surprised you have to ask.

Grrrr... :angry:

After he finishes his animal crackers, he'll explain. :hmpf:

Ok, I ask you some questions, you answer them, Shadows adds all the good parts and then it goes on the air.

And here we go!


Q. Why the name KimT and the StarCorps sigfig?

A. My online name is a contraction of my first and last name Kim - Thomsen = KimT...nothing peticular there.

As for the sigfig isn't it obvious? I've tried to show that inside every star corps trooper there's really a good guy trying to get out....


It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I've never gotten around to changing it since xmas and therefore it has got stuck as my sigfig.


Damn, Didint See that coming...

Not with that visor you didint!

Aha! But I am not normal Staudie!


For I am...



Well that was discreet...

Your starting to sound like JARVIS...


And so we continue...

Q. We all know you and love you as the Nude Swoosher, mind explaining the story of this to our audiance (as I alredy know it...) ?

A. At the first event things got slightly out of control and I ended up running around the park in the night holding a UCS Y-Wing and not much else. Hence the name. At least that's how I'd imagine that some people think the title came into existence. The truth is much simpler and quite frankly a little boring:

I was commenting on a review on the UCS Y-Wing and disagreed hard with another member. So therefore I tried to emphasize how much I loved the Y-Wing by stating that it "is so cool that I'd swoosh it in the nude". Unfortunalety this was misunderstood and several members apparently believe me to swoosh my sets in the nude... It even at some point was a regular part of reviews on this site. - swooshability/swooshfactor.

Q. Was the Y-Wing that good? (Maybe my details are fuzzy but it was a Y-wing right?)

A. YES! The numero uno UCS set ever made. MF go home and ISD get bent!

Q. How long have you collected lego?

A. Since childhood...and until my DARK AGE and then again since 1999.


Q. What are your 3 favourite sets?

A. UCS Y-Wing

Yellow Castle

Fort Legoredo

Q. What is your Favourite Theme?

A. Discontinued or still in production? Discontinued would be Wild West/Western and still in production is currently Castle - sorry SW, but the new castle theme rocks waaaay tooo hard.

Q. What was your best IRL lego related moment?

A. When my Father-In-Law (at the time) handed me 4 huge plastic bags containing every set in the first wave of SW lego.

Q. And, while on the subject your best EB moment?

A. Kickin some Dutch, French and Belgian megablocks in the firefighter contest during the first event. Seeing sne fly is still a hilarious thing to picture mentally.

Q. How do you think TLC is going? Anything you'd change?

A. Nope. Vig-Knudstorp is doing great by himself. Perhaps I'd kick the designers of Exo-Force for turning a great theme into rubbish in a single season.

Q. I suppose you have been to some EB events, mind giving us a quick summary of one such event and possibly describing our fellow member's mental stability?

A. Actuallly you have to be there to be able to fully understand what the megablock is going on. But it mostly happens somthing like this:

We come and then .... .... .... .... .... nah I'll leave this for Yourself to discover when joining an event.

I can safely say that it's always great fun. We spend a lot of time in miniland and in the PAB. Also we try to gain access to secret areas like the model builders bulding area and so forth. The evenings are topped off with laughs, competitions and coke (with rum if You're old enough) and that's about it...Damn now You've got me talking about it... As for the mental stability of the members I can only say: "I did not have sexua... The members of EB are quite normal - if pushing kids half Your own weight aside whilst trying to fill a box with lego in the Big Box in the PAB is normal :tongue: No we actually behave least most of the time.

Q. Is it only AFOLs that attend the EB event or have you had TFOLs attend too?

A. KhoRne attended one and he's not an AFOL..Also Holodoc's son attended the one in Günzburg.

Q. Is it true I have not seen any mocs from you?

A. That's a goddam lie. I've made a zillion MOCs and You know it. I've modded at least two formula1 cars over the Ferrari sets and build a train station MOC that totally sucksrocks.

Q. Duck Soup?

A. Yes please.

Q. Am I Annoying you beyond belief by mindless dribble that will whirl around your mind like a cloud in the air or will it stun you like *DEEP BREATH* a wheel within a wheel in a never-ending loop?

A. Well actually now that I've decided to do the interview I might get lucky and get rid of You. Now there's no reason for You to pester me anymore. So no I wouldn't call You least not anymore :tongue:

Why didn't it work that way for me? :cry_sad:

Q. Who should we Interview Next?

A. I have no idea... I suggest clicking the top20 posters ever and starting from the one with the most posts and working Your way through the members from there.

We did all of them. Some of them three times. :tongue:

So there you have it.



I'm doing that this week!

Oh, right. Well, go on.

So... um... there you have it!

That was original.

Thanks for joining us!

Yeah, I've said that before.

Um... how about this?


A word from our sponsors.

Pop a Poppler in your mouth,

When you come to Fishy Joe's,

What they're made of is a mystery,

Where they come from, no one knows.

You can pick 'em, you can lick 'em,

You can chew 'em, you can stick 'em,

And if you promise not to sue us,

You can shove one up your nose.

Ok, that was new. Not good, but new.

Thanks boss!

By the way, if you, the viewers, are ever thinking of trying this on your own, it isn't easy. Matter of fact, it's pretty darn hard, and can result in, well, a disaster of epic proportions. Not your normal scale disaster like we aim for weekly, but I mean a serious stinker. Oh, enough explaining, roll the tape!

Wow, that was ... something.

Uh huh. I take back every bad thing I've ever said about you ... :wacko:

*as Shadows and Staudie stare off into space, stunned by ... that ... the camera fades*

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There's something you don't see every day... :sceptic:

For our regular viewers: The kid wanted to post this one, so I did some of my usual magic then he added the pics and some jokes to go with them, and there's the end result. :hmpf:

I give him a hard time, but all in all, I think it's a pretty good effort. :thumbup:

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Excellent interview with Mr NudeSwoosher KimT :thumbup:!

The part about the event is so true, and you´ll all have some more in depth information about what goes on in about 14 days :tongue:!

UCS Y-wing On


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Thank you so much, IS and Staudie!

It´s always good to be updated about some certain backgrounds before meeting that person (again).

I don´t recall the long white beard on Kim though.

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That was a great episode, IS and....side-kick? :tongue:

Great to learn more about kimt!

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Kicking Dutchies, Belgians and French ey...we'll need to change that! :tongue:

Great interview guys, and i now finally understand the story behind the swooshing thing.

I just hope he keeps his pants on this year. :grin:

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That's a great and very funny interview, Stauder and imperialshadows! :thumbup::laugh:


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I think I liked it better when Staudie does itI miss when IS does it! ANYWAY GREAT REVIEW! Good to learn more about KimT

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