Prototype or bootleg torso print at LEGOLAND...?

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I was browsing Brickshelf earlier today when I came across this folder of pics from LEGOLAND Deutschland:


Specifically, this image:



There's a Blacktron minifigure there with inverted torso colors... I've seen a bootleg torso like that before, though it has some minor differences in the shaping/thickness of some things than the one at LEGOLAND (which seems more accurate to the original print - granted, it's not like bootlegs are known for consistency in quality...).

The question is, if it's a bootleg, what's it doing in an official LEGOLAND display? Or is it legit, somehow...?

There's also a face towards the upper right in this photo that doesn't look quite like any official print I recognize (the one with the blush):



A lot of the minifigures in these pictures are rather jumbled, anyway... Some of the prints are even worn down. Maybe it was somebody's collection that somehow ended up at LEGOLAND, and some knockoffs snuck in?

I dunno. Just a curiosity. A torso like that would be pretty neat...

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