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[MOC] The Flying Dutchman

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After the new influx of Pirates related sets I decided to rebuild all my Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean sets. But there has always been a bit of a gap among the POTC sets when it comes to the Flying Dutchman. So during a boring weekend I decided to try and build my own for the first time.

I was a bit difficult to actually post the pictures since all my old image hosting site had crapped out.

I have seen many versions of the Flying Dutchman throughout the years, but hardly any that have actually been the size of a LEGO set. So for the sake of compatibility, and due to my slightly limited parts selection, I tried making a set sized version.

Since I wanted to make it like a set I even incorporated a few gimmicks into the build. I build triple cannons that actually spin. The cannons are attached to gears, and can be spun; unfortunately the gear that does the spinning is hidden behind the railing in this photo.

The “maw” of the ship.

The figurehead of the grim reaper. I used the version form the LEGO POTC game for a bit of reference, since it pretty hard to see much of any details on the crud colored film version.

One detail I wanted to try and incorporate into my model was the faces above the gun ports.

The other side of the ship with its gun ports open.

I tried building the kraken caller, the center of it can be moved up manually.

Hadras at the helm.

I had to remove a part of the deck to take a picture of this, but underneath the cabin there is a prison cell.

Interestingly enough the cabin was the first part of the ship I built.

An odd bit of design philosophy about this ship was if I don’t know what details to add, just add some seaweed. The octopus decoration is taken directly from the video game.

A few pieces can be easily removed to give at least some access to the inside of the cabin.

Behind the Deadman’s Chest we have Davy Jones pipe organ, even with a silver stud for his locket.



There was also another thing that I felt was missing from the POTC sets:

Jack the monkey! I tried making him as small as possible, and I succeeded, he is almost the same size as a normal LEGO monkey, even if he is a bit blockier.

And since it was Jack I had to attempt an undead version too.

The two versions are pretty similar in size too.

Size comparison with a regular monkey.

Barbossa and his pet.

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I must say mate, you have done a very amazing job, this version of The Flying Dutchman and Jack the monkey is something different, especially the monkey, i've never owned a Lego monkey so this gives an idea how to build a proper one, as for the Dutchman, the little details you added are quite spectacular and the cabin looks amazing, well done.



A little bit of rum would be nice, savvy?

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@Runamuck, I like the classic-style of your build, the bow somehow reminds me of my childhoods ship the "Red Beard Runner"... even better you tried to shrunk it down to the size of the classic ships, too. I tried with mine as well but the main difference is the 2 bricks added underneath for the wheels which can be detached for display. I tried to build a working upmoving capstan but I think the scale is a bit to small for that, so it only rotates :( On ideas there is as well another Dutchman from Zedkay ( which comes close to yours. In comparsion to that one I love your flashy green sails and that you have not forgot the square sail on the mizzen mast!

The best comes at last: the monkey! Really love it, both versions ! Great MOC!


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Thanks for the comments.


There actually is a bottle of rum on the ship. I don’t think it can be seen in the photos, but on either side of one of the masts there are two barrels. One of them has a fish in it, the one on the other sine has a bottle standing on top of it.


The front end of the ship is inspired a bit by the Red Beard Runner, although mostly just to get the height right so the triple guns won’t be blocked.

The color of the sails comes from the fact that it was the only green paper I had around. I would have preferred something a bit darker, but for the moment Kermit the Frog green will have to do.

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