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Ross Fisher

[OL Challenge III - Cat E] Battle for Fort Arltrees

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Dispatches - Battle for Fort Arltrees

Date: May 620
Location: Marshland 2 miles east of Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda, New Haven Seas 
Lotus Kingdom
Oleon, Carno, Tyree'Dee allies
Result: Oleonaise victory, but not conclusively.
Casualties: A handful of Carno men, one or two of the Tyree'Dee. Oleonaise troops walked away with flesh wounds. Around 20 Lotii troops were killed or incapacitated.

Battle for El Oleonda

While the New Haven Seas have been discovered only relatively recently, it has been Oleon's position to explore the region from a base of strength. To the end, the supply base of Fort Arltrees was set up on the island we have modestly called "El Oleonda". 
We have followed the formal foreign policy of alliance with Carno. So, when Captain Santiago Delarosa Montifiori Calvaderos, the famous Carnese explorer, came to Fort Arltrees and explained that there was a Lotii army coming up the coast, we set out to defend our position. 
While we could have fortified the town on the land-ward side, it would have left our nearby Tyree'Dee allies exposed. Instead, we moved to meet the Lotii. 

Disposition of the forces:
We entrenched on the edge of the marshland, taking advantage of the solid ground to emplace one of the Captain's cannons. 
We shortly saw the Lotii, who numbered around 50. Seeing our forces arrayed against them, they advanced on us immediately. 

Battle for El Oleonda

There were no experts of military tactics among our number - Sgt MacSpud having elected to remain at Fort Arltrees because fighting alongside men in red "took him to a dark place". As such, a quick council of war agreed that we would defend our position and let them come to us. The terrain would work to our advantage.

Battle for El Oleonda

The Captain began the battle by firing his cannon. His crew, who were well trained, kept up a constant stream of fire throughout the battle. That said, they were more commonly used to firing on other ships, so a land engagement tested their skills to the extreme. 
Our new Knights Treasurer were also unused to serious military engagements, so we had them hold fire until the Lotii were relatively close. 
The Tyree'Dee were not happy about waiting to be assaulted, but reluctantly followed our lead. 

Battle for El Oleonda

As the Lotii neared our position, the cannon changed ammunition to canister, and the Knights Treasurer began volley fire. At this point, the Lotii began to take serious losses. 
By the time they were near enough for the Tyree'Dee to trade their spears for enemy arrows, the Lotii had lost too many men to remain a serious threat. We routed the remainder, but were unable to pursue them without dividing our forces. 

Battle for El Oleonda

We burned the dead in accordance with the rites of Hades. Then we withdrew to Fort Arltrees to tend to the wounded. 

Dispatches have also been sent to our allies. I pray that this battle gives an indication of how the war for this island will go. 

Dispatches from Fort Arltrees, penned by Monsieur Gallo as dictation by Canon François. 

Edited by Ross Fisher

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The Lotii should've brought more than swords to a gunfight :grin:. I guess they didn't have any military experts on their side either.

Nice selection of troops and solid work on the environment. I love the floating lilypads. Overall, I get more of a river feeling than a swamp, but that doesn't detract from the story or scene in any way. Some Lotii troops getting stuck in the swamp might've been a cool addition as well.

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Well, that's what happened when people fight against firearms with swords.:pir-grin:

Nice terrain, and greenery, those flamingoes look really good, do you know which set do they come from?

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@Bodi they're from the CMF 19 series. I wasn't too keen on the figure that came with them, but I'm very pleased with the birds.

@Khorne I agree it looks like a river. That's about the full extent of all my dark+trans green. I was hoping it might look like an island in the marsh. 

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