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What @Roebuck is to animals, I am to food pieces, so I'm borrowing (stealing) their idea for a new thread, which I will try to keep up to date whenever I spot new ones. Fortunately a lot of food in the LEGO world doesn't require new molds, usually just new prints/colors or clever little brick-built items.

The latest ones I've spotted: a heart-shaped waffle in Heartlake City Park Café, which I believe brings us to a total of four different waffle prints:



And, also on a heart tile, a peach print in a couple Monkie Kid sets (finally my purist custom T. S. Eliot minifig can be complete!):



Anything else anyone has noticed in new or upcoming sets?

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Even though it’s a sticker, that waffle on the sign is nice as well. But man, those heart waffles are great! I don’t look much at Friends...I would’ve totally missed these. They get some cool prints(like these tacos printed on quarter round tiles).

Cool thread idea too. I’m a bit partial to food as well. Before the local second hand LEGO store here closed, I would dig furiously for cookies. I managed to find about two dozen in the few years I started looking. 

Browsing this year’s Friends sets, 41407 Olivia’s Shopping Play Cube has a 1x1 round tile that looks to be some sort of tart with a heart in the center. 

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