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[MOC] Organ music of the battle

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Its hard to say that it is a MOC for 100%. It is more like an art / picture.


At first I've built a 3D scene in (about 1.5k parts), create some unique parts in Part Designer, rendered several times with different angles nad types of light, and than cobine all these pictures in Photoshop. I'm not professional in PS, so it takes me a lot of time to get what I want. Yeah, it was harder than build with real bricks *huh*

I didn't build every crew for each cannon, but I'm in process. Don't know why I need them, but I want to get finished 3D scene.


Btw, does anyone want to unite and make this scene more interesting with 3D programs ( 3D Max, Blender etc.)?

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Quite an impressive result, and some wonderful effect you've worked in there.  The blast from the cannon, the posing, etc., are all great.  I think it's interesting to see how relatively basic some of the scene is from the overhead shot (the terrain, for example) and how much it's brought to life with the different angle and lighting.  Well done!  :classic:

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