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[MOC] Wheel Loader

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Today I want to show You my new model, a wheel loader.


It's my second attempt to build this type of vehicle. I built one a few years ago, but it wasn't fully motorised and looks not good.

This model looks much better but its not a perfect MOC.

Technical data:

-Lenght: 47cm

-Height: 19,5cm

-Width: 15,5cm

-Weight: 1550grams


Model is all wheel drive propeled by XL motor with 3,89:1 ratio.

Steering system is operated by 2 small linear actuators propeled by M motor with ratio 1:1.667.


Front arm is operated by 2 linear acctuators. They are propeled by L motor with ratio 1:1.

Bucket is tilting by linear actuator propeled by M motor.



All functions are powered by standar battery box and controled by SBrick.

It has also a rear oscillating axle and openable rear hood. Under the hood is a working fake 6 cylinder engine.


Cabin has a openable door, driver seat and working steering wheel.


All functions working fine. It can pick up a few stones.

I'm waiting for your comments :)





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Brilliant work yet again. I love how you always manage to pack lots of functions and good looks into relatively small models and without resorting to hundreds of System parts.

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I have always loved wheel loaders. Amazing work getting it to look so good and compact while still fitting those functions in. I will say the bucket tilting had me worried for a second seeing it be a bit shaky (possible due to that u-joint), but it seems quite strong working with those rocks. Great job!

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