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I am ashaimed to say, that somehow I managed to miss this fantastic ingeniuous build.

The loco looks amazing, very accurate and the mechanisms are just splendid.

Of course I supported on Ideas. Well done, hope you reach the milestone.

Best regards,


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This is, by far, the best train MOC i have ever seen, the mechanical detail is next level. awesome job!

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Hello everyone!

Finally the video :) I tried to make the functions visible, it's not always easy because black parts need a lot of light to have a nice rendering on the screen. So you can see how the locomotive can be elevated, see that the train is a little faster, but more importantly that the whole thing works much more smoothly and reliably than before :

I'm very happy to come more or less to the end of this project, I got something playable, well structured and looking nice I think...anyway I'm fully satisfied!  :D 
What do you think about it now ?

And thank you so much MajklSpajkl and Marxpek for your comments :pir-love:

Edited by alfredboyer

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