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Hello again!

Three weeks ago i had very ambitious idea to build Big Merchants Bay. Just after taking photos i realized i will never put enough details to like it so it's scrapped!

For some reasons i was really interested in that waterwheel made with big chariot wheels so i decided to make moc with this as main use.

Today i present you, Watermill


The idea is similar to my previous two attempts. Some structure by the water. 

The whole thing fits one modular base plate (32x32)


The mill was built around some rock formation to make it more interesting and to keep the idea of "hidden place" within it.


You can see little doors that lead you to "storage" area where you can keep your products / weapons but also some drinks for yourself!


Little garden area to add some colors here and there. I wish i had more space / various vegetables! 


The other side is just blank and rather boring but there is a reason for it! The whole thing opens up!


On the inside you can see basic blacksmith equipment. Anvil, crate with coal, furnace. The staircase takes you to living area, where same furnace is used for cooking!


You can find some shelves and bench on other side. Another small anvil. There is one person bed on the first floor. 

To get full view of top floor remove the roof and have a look!


So that's it for now. 

Like always i can't tell that the moc is finished. I feel it needs more details here and there. The good idea would be to replace 2x4 tiles with smaller ones, but that will require Bricklink :) Any more ideas? 

Hope you like it! More photos on my flickr page


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Usually a building made of that many grey pieces looks sad and not very colorful, but you have managed to capture beauty while using grey bricks, also I like the usage of stagecoach wheels as the mill wheel itself, good job, mate.

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