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[WIP][MOC] Lander (Endurance) - from interstellar

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I've decided to try and recreate this wonderful ship in lego. It seems to be the ugly duckling, everyone appears to be all about the Ranger from this movie. But I think the lander is a much more inspired design. However I can now see why evidently only one person has finished a model of it. It's extremely complicated. At least twice as much as you might think at first glance. So I have spent quite a while collecting as much reference as possible to have even a rough idea of how the shapes go together.

Fortunately I've been able to slowly crack each piece but it's quite challenging, which is actually a nice experience. I couldn't find any accurate details or images on the dimensions of it but I came around to calling it 20 metres long, 5 metres tall, 15 metres across. It's actually enormous and so is the Ranger. But the practical lifesize models that were built  and are what's mostly shown in each craft's screentime aren't actually 1:1. It's hidden well but cracks a  bit when you realize 5'4" anne hathaway has to crouch to get through the airlock. Anyway I have really had to eyeball a lot of things but gradually established some anchors of proportion, and so far all the lines and seams lie with in a very small margin of error which is pleasing. A lot of them actually flatten the whole craft very slightly which makes it a bit sleeker, but still positively truck-ulent which I like. Here are some progress photos I've added to my flickr throughout the build so far. I also post on instagram with mostly the same stuff but quite frequently add some extra windows onto the process in my stories. My account there is



















more to come!

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Very cool, it must be difficult to get those angles with that level of accuracy. I see it will be totally massive once finished :pir-grin:

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Cheers. Yeah so much bigger than I anticipated! It is definitely tricky to get square pieces sitting at angles not offered by single slope pieces but that's the fun of this. Attaching each individual piece is like a maths problem in itself. It's not all impossible though as I think I'll have generous amounts of room inside to connect them. Made some more progress:









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Oh my god, its a mathematical nightmare.

Its a miracle you get to connect all those angles so well.

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