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This is my first post here. I've been working on trying to get a realisticish looking ship built for quite some time now. Somewhere around 13 years or so. Construction of this ship started back in 2016 once I discovered this digital designer program. I would have made it in real life but I simply don't have the parts necessary for it. But I think this one has turned out rather well, definitely my best iteration of the ship. I have made about 5 IRL ships and 4 other ships in LDD before finally getting to this one and I am quite happy with the results. Definitely still more to work at improving, but I am happy with the progress made so I decided to share it and see what you guys think! :)

Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions for future ships would be greatly appreciated! :)

Without further adieu I present to you, HMS Mirabelle, 116 gun first rate ship of the line!







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Welcome to the forum!

Now another wall of text from me. I do not write a whole lot of comments, but when I do…:pir-murder:


First regarding the HMS Mirabelle:

The overall dimensions are quite good.

The layout is spot on for a mid 17th century ship of the line. :pir-huzzah2:

I really like the color scheme that you have chosen.


And very ambitious Indeed. *huh*

Some alterations could be:

It looks like you have made the gunports 4x4 studs. This is quite huge. The debate about gunports usually is between 2x2 or 3x3 studs. By narrowing to 2x2 or 3x3 you will have a more realistic space between gunports. Generally 6-8 feet, assuming: Feet=studs.

I notice that there is almost the same number of studs between alternating height/with change in the main hull. The hull shape, usually, described an arch being steeper at the bow than on the stern. The challenge here is to steer clear of the offset gunports.:grin:

Narrowing the lower stern: Even though man-o-wars where built with a gun deck as square as possible, the lower hull had to be shaped like a fish or drop. The only propulsion was the wind and a flat-wide backside would amount to a lot of drag.

Then, regarding the future:

I have also found it a good idea to mess around with something digital before building in bricks.

Great to see another one who embarks on making ships with a realistic expression.

It is something of a journey you embark on.:pir-oh:


I understand that you would like to seek heading towards authenticity.

Moreover, towards building in real bricks.


Instead of writing a long smear about doing something sculptural and ship-like, here is a link to where I have already done that:

...and more of the same stuff:


Finally a couple of places to find inspiration:

I do apologize to all the obvious other references that I have omitted. :blush:

Hope to see more from you.

Oh! And yellow monkeys as crew!:pir-laugh:


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Thanks so much for the kind words and feed back! Yeah I thought maybe the 4x4 gun ports were big. My other ships I made I went with 2x2 and wasnt happy with the over all shape of the ship. Though perhaps I should try it again with the 2x2 ports. I think I am a bit better now after this ship. 

The main things that perplex me is how people make the cabin and the bow of the ship. I have no idea how people make the curving shapes of the cabins and the railings at the bow. Still trying to figure it out, but I do like the cabin I made for this one.

I will check out all your links and get to work on my next version of the ship. Hopefully it will be even better! :)

6 hours ago, Anders T said:

Oh! And yellow monkeys as crew!:pir-laugh:


haha I thought the monkeys were cool too XDD

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