Ninjago Mechs - Alternative Build Space Racers

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Evening all,

First up, if this is in the wrong place, I apologise and feel free to move it to the correct category.

This is my first time posting a MOC as I generally build sets from varying themes or spend time Bricklinking large Star Wars MOCs that other people have designed.

Because of this I generally spend most of my time lurking around in the Star Wars forums looking at what others come up with instead of broadening my horizons with other stuff.

Due to very limited space constraints I generally have to build a set, display it for a bit then disassemble, bag up and store.

This build started out life as a bog standard #70615 Ninjago Movie Fire Mech and everything on it came out from the parts in that set.

It was whilst the disassembly bit with the Fire Mech that I got to thinking how many cool parts the set had in it and started to wonder what I could come up with to build from the dark recesses of my limited imagination.

The mech itself had already got me thinking about the old puppet show Starfleet with the big red mech in and this then meandered into the style of ships these old shows had which in turn started me building. 

Not sure that I entirely got to the finished style I wanted, but pleased with the result nonetheless. 

So without further ado, my first ever large(ish) MOC. (And the second one below)


Full on top view


The bit no one sees.


Head on



Side View


The back end (would have liked to tart this up a bit but ran out of small pieces that would work)


So there it is, be gentle but comments and criticism welcome.

Updated Edit, 

After finishing the first build above I set about disassembling #70613 - Garma Mecha Man and decided to try the same sort of thing and add it to this thread instead of starting a new one.

Once again, this is using only parts that come in the set itself.


The Top.


The Bottom


Front End.


Back End


Side View.


This time I will apologise in advance for the rubbish photography as I still don't have a proper set up to take pictures.


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Added Another Build

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This is a beautiful racer that perfectly captures the GARC aesthetic (  It's more impressive knowing that you worked with a limited amount of bricks from only one set.

My only critique is not with the MOC, but with the photography.  Try to use soft or reflected lighting to avoid the harsh shadows that are in your photos to enhance the visual presentation of your racer (which certainly deserves it).  If you don't have a nice lighting set up, just wait for an overcast day and take the photos outdoors. 

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@pombe, my apologies for the crappy photography. My 'set up' relies on white card on top of the kitchen cooker (I really don't have a lot of space in my place) and I do intend on getting a proper lighting box at some point in the future when other things become less essential.

Thanks for the kind words on the model though. Muchly appreciated.

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@Jerry McGlade, thanks for that.

Had another go at a Ninjago alternative build spaceship in the same sort of style but it wasn't a mech this time.

#70735 Ronin R.E.X.



I found this one a lot harder to make into something else as the cockpit screen is huge. Went for a two seater cockpit in the end so the pilots wouldn't raffle about in a huge empty space. 

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