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[MOC] - Ninjago: White spiny Firetail

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The small white dragon from the polybag 30547 grew up to be a medium sized slender dragon with snow white scales.



This kind lives in the vast realm of the Oni and Dragons.When grown up, they have long serpent like bodies with short hind legs and winged front legs. Most notable feature might be its long spiny tail with a fire red sharp end.The red color is a warning, they are venomous and use the tail ends like stingers.

The Dragonhunters used to catch these dragons to harvest its venom...


...but because these dragons are vicious fighters, not every hunt is sucessful...

49856315762_7ab21b3315_h.jpgIMG_20200430_212219 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr

Find more pictures on this Flickr-Album:

Hope you like it, leave a comment if you want...

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