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Modern high-rise building (corner facade)

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Hello everyone,

something more modern this time, a high-rise building for the far left corner of my Lego room, thus only built as corner facade.


Next to it an similarly cut-off bridge across a brook with a few reused building parts from Ninjago City and Docks.


The artwork next to it is the Avengers Tower GWP which I originally intended as rooftop decoration, but that wouldn't really fit style-wise.

The back has a rigid Technic spine, continued under the road so I could grab it at the corner under the road and put it in the corner:


Inside there's the lobby...
49858287283_baf54925c1_w.jpg with executive suite...
...flower lady and cosplayer getting ready...
...a bathtub lover and a battle scene...
...smashing a window, here a closeup:
(I was one transparent blue panel short...)
...and finally a club with live music (announcement):

» Full album on Flickr

Hope you like it...

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Ah, yes, I think I never showed that here in detail. I'm working on filling the gap next to it (and the two to the left are new, too), so I'll show it a bit closer soon.

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Not to detract from the actual topic of this thread, but I love what you did with the Ninjago Docks set, what I can see of it anyways. 

Onto the high rise. I like how you built it haphazardly stacked like that. It’s a great filler for a corner as well. 

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