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I'm creating a McDonald's for my LEGO LANE project. Here are my simple techniques to create various McDonald's signs. Feel free to use them in your city!
Find out how to create the Apple Store logo here.

LEGO McDonald's 1/3 - Signboard pole
How to create the famous "M" signboard pole from McDonald's in LEGO.

LEGO McDonald's signboard pole

LEGO McDonald's 2/3 - Rooftop sign
Push the studs (part 87087) of the "M" into the holes and you have a McDonald's rooftop sign.

Attach another "M" on the back for a nice 360 view.

LEGO McDonald's rooftop sign

LEGO McDonald's 3/3 - Wall sign and Ronald McDonald statue
And here's another way to put a big "M" onto your McDonald's build.
I also created a very basic Ronald McDonald statue.

The fries and burger are from official LEGO sets.

McDonald's wall signboard


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@LEGO Train 12 Volts
Thanks! I don't call myself a McDonald's fan either. But I always enjoy seeing some real-world branding in LEGO cities that everybody over the world will recognize.
I also updated my post with a basic build of Ronald McDonald.

Thanks! :tongue:

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