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Hi everyone,

Here is my last original creation : The RC Car from Toy story movie ! I would like to make a RC car controlled by smartphone and easily recognizable by young people (and older one too...) 

Features :

  • RWD by 2 L motors
  • Steering by 1 Servo motor
  • Controlled by 1 Sbrick (or 1 Buwizz without bbox)
  • Independent suspensions
  • External switch for power supply
  • Some nice colors


RC Car Toy story-11


RC Car Toy story-1


RC Car Toy story-5


RC Car Toy story-8

I used 2 pythagoriciens triplets to improve chasis stiffness. The car is divided in 3 modules : front, motors and rear 


RC Car Toy story-3


In the picture below you can see red bush on 4l axle with stop. It's the switch to power up or down the battery box.


RC Car Toy story-9


RC Car Toy story-6


I used Anto's buggy motorisation http:// but il replaced 8t by 24t. 

HD photos gallery

Building instructions are available

I added 3x3 lime dish for the eyes on 3D model :


RC car 3D


I hope you'll like it,

See you soon !

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