Settlement, Brickford Landing, Annettaskrona, Corrington (Era II)

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Name: Brickford Landing

Ownership: The Crown of Corrington

Location: Annettaskrona (Island 12), Southwest New Haven Sea


50827678811_7eb9f01e86_c.jpgNew Haven Sea (Political)

Mayor: No active mayor at this time as all known inhabitants are military personnel. Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford @LM71Blackbird is the current commanding officer, supported by Lieutenant Karlton @Sir Kingston and Major Edward Brown @Legonaut.

Trade Value: 75

Town Bank: Coming soon!

Who can own property in Brickford Landing: Loyal subjects of the crown of Corrington

Who can freebuild in Brickford Landing: Loyal subjects of the crown of Corrington

Description: Coming soon!

Original Information:


Island #12: Annettaskrona SETTLED BY CORRINGTON

Nickname: Mini Oleonda

Geographical Features: A medium sized island of the western coast of El Oleonda, this island has several decent natural anchorages on the northern coast, while the western coast is dominated by limestone cliffs with extensive cave systems. The interior is covered in thick jungle while the south eastern half of the island is covered in extensive wetlands.  

Rumours: The swamps that dominate the south east of this island appear to have a type of wild rice growing, possibly introduced by early Lotii explorers. As it was probably once part of El Oleonda, the island probably shares some of that islands fabled mineral wealth.


Builds in Brickford Landing:

Please help us out by posting a link to your Brickford Landing builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license.

Properties: 15/31

Trade Value: Coming Soon!

Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town'

Required for Level 4  'Large Town': 16 properties of any type including at least x1 Residence, x0 Factory, x1 Artisan, x2 Commerce, x0 Education, x1 Arts & Culture, and 0x Royal.

Notable Events:

Loti scout captured

Increased patrols

Stationed Troops: 10


Stationed Vessels: 0


Residence: 3

Brickford Landing Field Camp, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size)

Officer's Camp, Brickford Landing, License status: Medium Residence, LM71Blackbird (+2 settlement size)


Factory: 4

The Boats Brisket, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Factory, Sir Kingston (+1 settlement size)

Sawmill, Brickford Landing, License status: Large Factory, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size)

Plantation: 0


Mine: 0



Artisan: 3

Cartographer Shop, Brickford Landing, License status: Small Artisan, Sir Kingston (+1 settlement size)

Tinker's Forge, Brickford Landing, License status: medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size)

Commerce: 2

Military Supply Depot, Brickford Landing, License status: Medium Commerce, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size)

Education: 2

Naval Intelligence Office, Brickford Landing,  License status: Medium educational, Evancelt (+2 settlement size)

Art & Culture: 0


Forts: 3

Island Battery Brickford Landing, License status: Small Fort, LM71Blackbird (+1 settlement size/Licensed by Faction)

Fort Princeton, Brickford Landing, License Status: Medium Fort, Evancelt (+2 settlement size/Licensed by Faction)


Unlicensed Builds: 0


Edited by LM71Blackbird

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