Homage to 6692 Tractor Trailer

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Hello everybody!

This time I want to show you something small from my workshop.

After some off-highway vehicles (the last had been MAZ-7305) the engineer was overcome by the thought of rebuilding something old. So he restored his first articulated truck, a 6692, true to the original - luckily the parts were still lying around in his warehouse.
In the course of this, he had the idea to rebuild such a truck with today's possibilities (rebuild something old - how weird is this guy?).

The result was this:


In comparison new and old:


Here at very important deliveries in times of COVID-19. Again a family was made happy :-)


The new model is powered by a two-cylinder fuel cell with upstream L.O.V.E. pot-crystal.



It all started when my son was putting up the road plates again. He wanted to use his favourite vehicle of my 6 studs wide range, an ex wind turbine transporter 7747, but we soon realized that it is impossible to get around the curves with this thing!
So I remembered "the good old days" and decided to build a classic truck tractor true to the original for comparison. I enjoyed the few parts, the ultra-compact assembly instructions and in no time the 6692 was there. Not only the building was a pleasure but obviously also the playing with it. My children were so enthusiastic about the vehicle that I built a second classic car for the sake of peace.
But I began to feel the desire to build a homage to 6692 (and to all YELLOW predecessors and successors) with the means of today.
First priority was, as always, the playability for children. Immediately after that came the reuse of some typical elements of the 6692 and the era (especially the axles, vehicle base, roof). Last but not least I wanted to use modern elements for the design of the front, the side walls and the Hamburg roof.


The functions of the original should be maintained or extended. But I designed the configuration of the new vehicle according to my idea of a long-distance truck. In contrast to the original I wanted to build a tractor-trailer with 5 axles and a Hamburg roof (Plateu semi-trailer with side walls and tarpaulin frame). The side walls should be foldable and the tarpaulin should be completely removable like e.g. with the Majorette 3042.
The rear axle of the semi-trailer is mounted so that it can move vertically so that it still has ground contact even if the semi-trailer is slightly bent. This also reduces the turning circle.


For the hinge for tilting the cab I wanted to use new hinge elements.
That and the modified tile 2x2 with two knobs under the driver's butt (so that he doesn't always lose his pants when he wants to get out) unfortunately resulted in the cab being 2 plates higher than the original.


Cut-to-size baseplates

As you can see on the photos, I used cut baseplates for the side walls. As I have shown with older MOCs, the sidewalls can also be built with plates. But this would have two serious disadvantages for the playability. Firstly, the loading area is no longer 4 studs wide and secondly, the sideboard becomes too filigree for children's hands. This time it was not worth the effort to build another wall because of a photo - I already know that it works ;-)
But in the beginning I had very big doubts about cutting a rare yellow base plate. But when I had the used, bent and dented thing in my hands, the doubts were gone. Someone before me had already broken the plate by improper handling or storage and it was easy for me to put the knife on.


These are from the bricksticker shop and I am very happy with them.


I am happy if you like it and I am curious what you think about it!

VG Mario

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at first i was like... where is the new one :P

it is a cool looking oldschool 4 wide truck.

i like the trailer with the folding sides.

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The result is fantastic! I love the wheels, I have a few old sets with those wheels, and it just reminds me of my childhood every time I see them :)

The idea about cutting the baseplate is new for me, but I can certainly see your advantages - and if it helps playability, I would do it too! 


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Nice when you like it :classic:

@jpx: This old wheel with the steel axle are the best in my opinion for 4 wide vehicles because of their unbeatable rolling characteristics. The big disadvantage is the inflexibility regarding width.

Kind regards

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