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Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

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For my it is already very obvious: The red minifigs symbolize the British, the blue the French. It is true the navy had persons on board dressed in blue, but only the officiers and higher-rank crew.

The blue minifigs are defenitely French because I've discovered something:


If you look at the little flag at the stern, you'll see a black symbol in it. It is a flower, the French lily.

The French lily was used as military symbol in France. So that's why I think the blue coats represent the French.

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The blue are clearly French , my grandmother is french and told me when I asked her that that was the flur de le ,

The red are most apt to be Spannish.

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The red are most apt to be Spannish.

I don't think so. They are more likely British (if these guys are to be assigned to Countries).

The Spanish were more likely to look like the Official ones released in the mid 1990's or a uniform similar to this:


Don't...uh...notice the children :pir-tongue:

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Well Dreamweb, I think the red coats are the British and the blue coats are the French.

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I have had time to research this a bit more deeply and here are some of my findings.


Conquistadors dressed similar to the imperial armada people, however no mini fig resembles the spanish naval, or land forces. The Spanish uniforms are characterized with yellow and white (mainly white with yellow trim for infantry, and white/yelow with red trim for artillary. However, some reds were used which slightly resemble the new soldier mini figs. The hats vary from tricorns to the shaco, with bicorn variations used sometimes for officers.


The royal french army (prior to revolution) used a combination of white and light blue with tricorns, and bicorns, sorry no unicorns

The Napoleonic/revolutionary army and navy used a darker blue with varying trims from gold, red, and yellow. The hats included shako's, tricorn, and bicorn a possible lego canidate is the bluecoats.

The English

The royal english army used a read coat(of course) with white trim (infantry, officers had other colors.) with tricorns, bicorns, shaco's, and the unicorn (ok.. maybe not, but the grenadiers wore a hat that came to a form of a point on the top). A good candidate is the redcoat mini figs.

The brittish navy wore blue with white or gold trim (gold was for higher ranking officers) with varying hats for the different officers (bicorn, tricorn, and a form of top hat.)

A good candidate is the blue coat mini figs.

I could have gone more in depth into the officers clothing, but i believe that this will sufice. Basically the bluecoat and redcoat are both or a likely and historically correct with the British.

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The bluecoats are French faring better in hand to hand and having extemely good cannoneers.

The redcoats are British faring better in accuracy (They were adapt soldiers and had the best line infantry any nation could offer) and having amazing cavalry.

My best bet would be to say that the british would win in a straight out line battle but if the french were using guerilla tactics then id say they would have the superior chances although if you use cavalry infantry hussars grenadiers and all that sort youll have to think on it for a while ok.

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It seems the recent LEGO Battles game has confirmed the blue coat mini-figure seen in 6242 Soldier's Fort is indeed Governor Broadside.

Now if the red and blue coats were two different nations, (I.e. France and England as some seem to speculate) it seems curious the leader of another French be included in that set. However, it would make much more sense if blue and red were in fact the same nation. And as history has shown the English used both blue coats and red coats side by side.


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I think the Blue-coated men could be the Colonists and the red-coated men, the British, as in the American Revolution.

That's what I've always thought them to be until I joined this forum. Now I'm just confused. :pir-tongue: j/k

I still think that the Bluecoats are Americans, but they can be pretty much anything really.

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At the risk of being assaulted about the head and ears I believe this is the proper place for my two bits albeit raising the dead.  As I wasn't aware of this forum when the original conversation took place. 

My understanding of the blue coat was as originally released the governors ship sea Hawk which quickly became the clipper.  I have a lot of the supporting sets and it was my belief the this was a governors personal army and their sole mission was to stop the pirates and keep the orders of the governors land. 

Then later as the pirates grew in force the red coats were sent as reinforcement and replaced the governor as the commander as he couldn't fulfill his mission.   The Spaniards (the figures in the metal bucket caps) I feel came too late in the era but the sets were based more on the search for gold ... Aztec gold hence the influence of the islanders 

To me the red and blue were on the same side representative of old world and new.  

The Spanish had their own conquests and the pirate nation grew the whole period representative of the golden age.  All this is highly speculative but it is the way it made sense to me. If the red and blue were different country's then the blue would have coexisted with red not been replaced.   That's my theory because I have two versions of the lagoon lock up one with blue and one red both with the common goal of locking up pirates


Blue - new world settlement

Later Red - takes over and fortifies new settlement

Spanish in other lands in same era 

Islanders the original inhabitants 

Pirate nation

Loosely based on history largely based on fantasy 

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I always thought of the bluecoats as either Americans or British Navy. The redcoats were always the ground troops. With this thinking, it would be possible to have two different forces of British, a land force and a sea force, or have two different factions. Either way it is historical that the British and the Americans both fought pirates.


I'm not as familiar with what pirates the British fought with off the top of my head, but I do know that during Thomas Jefferson's presidency there was a little know war with America and the Barbary pirates. In the end though, I think that it really depends on personal preference and what kind of story line your going with.


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My teory is that blu and reds are on the same side (I think they are British): reds are normal soldiers and blu are high rank soldiers usually of marine. They have also the same uniform. The only incorrectness is that there are so few red in confront of blu, that should be the opposite, in proportion.
Reds can't be spanish because there are the related sets and minifigures.

However it's fantastic also play thinking they are British and French fight for the new world!

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Posted (edited)

I believe that their nationality left ambiguous on purpose.

Most western powers during the late 18th century and early 19th century used red or blue uniforms to some extent (with the exceptions of Austria and Russia).


To keep it simple I will mostly focus on the primary colour of line infantry as often engineers and marines will wear different uniforms.


  • Britain
  • Denmark
  • Poland-Lithuania (most)
  • Hanover


  • France (some before 1890s and most after)
  • Netherlands (most)
  • Sweden
  • Spain (some)
  • Portugal
  • United States
  • Prussia
  • Bavaria
  • Hesse
  • Wuerttemberg


  • France (most before 1890s and some after)
  • Spain (most)
  • Austria
  • Netherlands (some)
  • Poland-Lithuania (some)
  • Saxony


  • Russia
  • Most Jaegers

As for the flags I believe the Imperial Soldier's flag is based off the merchant flag of France


In use 1365–1792


  And the Imperial Guard's off the East India Company


In use 1600-1668


In use 1668-1801



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