[REVIEW] 75936 - Jurassic Park: C. rex Rampage

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I haven't found any review of awesome set 75936 here at eurobricks so let me write one for you. Set's main highlight is the biggest brick-build dinosaur released by The LEGO Group so far. It was the reason why I got this set - I wanted to build this huge dino. It also contains Jurassic Park gate that is not very interesting for me so I'm gonna focus on C. rex.

Set Information

  • Set number: 75936
  • Name: Jurassic Park: C. rex Rampage
  • Year released: 2019
  • Pieces: 3120
  • RRP: $249.99 / 249.99€


Box and Packaging

Box is huge - its size is comparable with big Creator Expert sets and other big sets targeted to adults like for example Hogwards Castle. Box is also pretty heavy and almost completely full. When you open it you get 30 bags of parts numbered 1 to 15, loose 16x16 tan plate and two instruction manuals packed together with sticker sheet in plastic bag. The first manual is for C. rex and the other for gate so you can build both parts simultaneously with your friend. Sticker sheet contains only 7 stickers so I decided to apply them although I don't do it usually.



Building C. rex

So let's start building the biggest dinosaur! Bags with number 1 contain parts for lower part of body and neck.


Bags with number 2 adds upper part of body and tail. It looks little bit strange but I did all steps from building instructions correctly so I shouldn't bother about it.


Level of detail is really high - you can even see place where "waste" leaves C. rex's body. :laugh:


Body is finished with bags numbered 3. You also add second segment of neck in this phase.


Bags with numbers 4 and 5 contain parts for right and left leg. I think legs are the best part of whole model. They have organic shape and I especially like texture on ankles and claws. Designer used similar hip joint to one used in Voltron to keep C. rex stable when standing on two legs.



Building continues with bags number 6 and they contain WINGS?!? *huh* *oh2* *huh* This stopes being funny! I'm checking instructions once more and they really mean "wings". Now it doesn't resemble dinosaur at all...


And finally last bags (with number 7) for C. rex contain parts for its head. I built it and understood all including letter "C" in name of dinosaur - I've got life-size Chicken! Or exactly Chicken rex... *oh2* *oh2* *oh2* It looks like designers from TLG have good sense of humor... :classic: :grin: :laugh: You can see it at next picture with medium size egg.





Building gate

It took me more than week to force myself to build it after I finished C. rex. So making long story short it took me 4 hours to build Jurassic Park gate. It features opening door and 6 small vignettes at rear side. They are full of nice details but I would prefer just C. rex and no gate at all (with corresponding discount from set prise). You can see both sides of gate at following pictures. Last set of bags with number 15 also contain stand for minifigures.




Complete model

When you put C. rex, gate and stand with minifigures together you get huge display piece. Especially gate is as large as I don't have enough space to display it anywhere at my home so I took it apart right after I finished taking its pictures.


What is more interesting is amont of leftover parts. It looks like it is possible to build something else from this set too...


I think I found their purpose - you can build your own dinosaur from them, at least little one.


Here is one action shot:


And detail of minifigures on stand - it looks like C. rex likes Ellie...




This set is definitely great piece of LEGO art and I like C. rex so much. It is also the biggest creature I built out of LEGO bricks so far. It is well designed and joints have enough friction to keep it in various poses though in some possitions they are reaching their limits. Gate is nice addition but if I could choose I would take just C. rex without it.

I hope you found this short review informative and entertaining. Let me know in comments what you think about it.


This review is expression of my own opinioins. And yes, it is late April fools joke. Set 75936 doesn't contain building instructions for Chicken rex but for Tyrannosaur. You can get building instructions for C. rex at

If you wanna read more serious review of set 75936 I recommend you these:


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That was excellent, both as reading, both as alternate model! :wub::thumbup:

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